Empire Gaming 25X - Long Life Cluster

Empire Gaming Servers was started in May 2022. It was started to give Ark players a nice friendly and chilled environment to play on a server that doesn't wipe.
The server run PVP base protection Monday to Thursday with Friday 14:00 to Sunday 2300 being no protection
The servers are based in the UK but we have players from all over Europe as well as the US.

*Discord - uBAASw3MTy*


Experience/Tame/Harvest = x25
Maturing = x60
Hatching = x50
Mating Interval Multiplier = 0.04 Generally about 2 Hours Max.
Player Level Cap = 105 + ascension levels and chibi
Stack Size 2500

Custom dino colours, Custom Ark shop with points system, Custom events that reward rare items/tames and shop points

Awesome SpyGlass!, Structures Plus (S+), Awesome Teleporters!, Dino Storage v2, Plant Species Z Wild Seed, Useful Tools, The Last Grapple, Auto Engrams!, Items+ Companion

Players 4 / 210
Registered by TheNewb
Registered since May 8th, 2022 12:38 PM EST
Last update June 20th, 2022 11:39 AM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
2 / 70 Community Modded PvP Vote Rewards
0 / 70 Community Modded PvE PvP The Island Vote Rewards
2 / 70 Community Crosshair Modded PvE Vote Rewards