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Fatalis ARK PVE Cluster: [Custom Beacons, Spawns and Settings | Friendly, Low Population | Modded]

Welcome to Fatalis ARK, an (ideally) no-wipe PVE ARK Cluster!

This server has been public since September 2016 and exists as an 'ARK and Chill' gameplay experience.

Players must be mature in spirit. If drama arises, do not participate or aggravate it. Send me some screenshots and information and I will deal with it accordingly. Habitual or severe trouble makers will be removed from the server.

To join Fatalis ARK, please join our Discord and have a read through the rules. If you are new to Discord, you must verify your email before you can post in any channels. If you think you'll enjoy playing with us, post in the introduction channel with a brief blurb about yourself and acknowledge you read the rules. A Guide or Admin will then give you access to all of our Discord channels!

Download the mod collection linked below so you don't time out joining the server!

Fatalis ARK PVE Discord Channel | Fatalis ARK Mod Collections

- 210 Wild max level
- 115 Max player level.
- 71 Tamed dino levels (vanilla).
- x5 Tame (mod included to deplete food and decrease tame time)
- x2 EXP
- x10 Egg Hatch Speed
- x2 Egg Laying Speed
- x3.5 Baby Mature Speed
- x.75 Mating Interval
- Custom harvest rates determined by individual items. On average x2-x4 Gather rates.
- Lengthened days & shortened nights.
- Custom engrams per level to better suit solo play.
- Tribe members can aid in imprinting another member's baby.
- Bosses take x10 damage and have x1/10 health.

Mod Offerings Worthy of Mention:
- Use the Appetizer items to reduce food on wild creatures and reduce taming time! Works on passive tames as well.
- No need to build a pipeline from water. Use S+ water intake pipes to draw water up from underground.
- Craft flyer speed saddles from alpha parts for those wanting a boost!
- Use the Structures + Demo Gun to pick up or demolished unused structures.
- Easier Tek access through scrolls found in beacons & loot crates, or a crafting table at level 100! WARNING: do not drop Tek Scrolls. They like to disappear. Place them in storage instead.

Custom Spawns:
- Gigantosaurus spawn only on The Center on Lava Island and Half-burned Island. There are no roaming gigas.
- Griffins and Ovis spawns have been added to The Center in the grasslands area beneath the snow biome.
- No Titanosaur or Leedsichthys, or Alpha Leedsichthys spawns.
- Reduced spawns of the following critters: Rock Elemental, Pegomastax, Ichthyornis, Troodon, Bronto, Cnidaria & Direwolf. Reductions are of various degrees. Ovis has been reduced on Ragnarok.
- Increased spawns of: Equus, Tapejara, Hesperornis, Basilosaurus and Megalosaurus. Tapejara and Megalosaurus have made their home in the redwoods biome (Tapejara has replaced Pteros)!
- Alpha raptors, carnos and megalodons spawns are increased.

Custom Loot Crates:
- All eggs & saddle blueprints included in drops.
- Element can be found in modest amounts in high-leveled land loot crates and all cave/ocean loot crates.
- You can learn all Tek engrams from Tek Scrolls through cave and ocean loot crates. Lower tier Tek engrams can be learned from regular beacons.
- All costumes can be found in any level regular or double loot beacons.
- No more crop plots or water jars

Scheduled Server Updates & Rollbacks
The server performs automated updates/restarts at 3:00 AM CST and checks for mod and game updates every hour.

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