DamDiDum Cluster

Hello and welcome to DamdiDum
We have ALL official maps.
and ofc Forum for those who like that.

All servers are PvE and Clustered together.
So transfer between DamDidum servers are allowed.

"Note pressing the link will start the game and try to join the server"

steam://connect/damdidum.net:60010 The Island
steam://connect/damdidum.net:60013 Ragnarok
steam://connect/damdidum.net:60016 The Center
steam://connect/damdidum.net:60007 Sorched Earth
steam://connect/damdidum.net:60025 Aberration
steam://connect/damdidum.net:60022 Test Server for Mods (Ragnarok)

Or just search damdidum in unofficial servers :D

2x XP
5x Taming
3x Gather
3x Mating
4x Breed
3x Imprint
Max Wild Dino 255
And building/dino decay/destruction to keep the server clean and speedy.

Stargate Worlds
Structures Plus
Jurassic ARK
Platform Plus
Auction House (only for DamDiDum cluster)
Redwoods Anywhere
Castles, Keeps and Forts
Advanced Rafts

All servers check for updates ever whole hour, and update and reboots if found. Automatically.
With a 15 min warning.

a few commands are availible ingmame with !commands

Discord; https://discord.gg/sR4WJeZ
Teamspeak 3: damdidum.net (defaul port 9987)

I play myself from time to time (no admin exploit)
But I monitor the server and chat daily.

I welcome you all to DamDiDum.net

I also host other games like Dark and Light, Rust, 7 Days to Die and Conan.

Players 0 / 275
Website https://damdidum.net
Registered by Drake
Registered since December 13th, 2017 08:47 AM EST
Last update December 13th, 2017 08:47 AM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
0 / 75 Community First Person Modded PvE
0 / 50 Community First Person Modded PvE Scorched Earth
0 / 50 Community First Person Modded PvE
0 / 50 Community First Person Modded PvE
0 / 50 Community First Person Modded PvE