[FoG] Force of Gaming PVE and PVP


We have many reasons, but it's best to see for yourself!

♦ XP x1, Farming x3, Taming x5, Breeding x3, Incubation x5, Baby Growth x5
◾️ Starter Kit -> help to get started
◾️ adjusted rates (XP x1, Farming x3, Taming x5, Breeding x3 -> faster breeding due to many cool items)
◾️ marketplace and trade center to exchange with players'
◾️ own mods and well tuned mod combination
(>> WBUI, CKFR, S+, RR Homedeko, RR Gardendeko, Dino Storage, Awesome Spyglass, Additional Emotes, Capitalism Currency and Player Table, Eventmap, FoG Community Mod, MarniiMods Hairstyles, eco's Empires - Vikings, Steampunk Mod, Krakens Better Dinos)
◾️ Mutator, Nanny, Gardener, Teleporter etc. activated
◾️ adjusted and reworked leveling -> so it doesn't get boring so fast.
◾️ ingame store and player shop
◾️ Auctions for players (every Saturday)
◾️ Active admins who will always be at your side
◾️ SoloFarm Plugin -> to help lone fighters and after work players
◾️ Anti Griefing Plugin -> to keep the game fun for you and to keep it fair.
◾️ Steampunk Chamber to save your loot after death
◾️ Voting rewards
◾️ Chat over the whole cluster with great colors
◾️ High stacks with little weight, also boosted weight.
◾️ Public transmitters, speed lvl on flying dinos, auto engrams, no foundation support needed.

♦ Our Community
◾️ helpful and large community
◾️ mutual support
◾️ common boss fights
◾️ common games and chill nights in Discord

♦ Our own Mods
On the FoG Ark servers we run our own mods which are specially designed for the community and give you a unique ark experience! e.g. you can travel with tributes, have special potions which allow you to breed and tame fast and much more! So give it a try! The whole community is involved in the development of the mods and has the possibility to contribute their own ideas!

Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901779007

♦ 10 maps PVE
We run 9 official maps including an event map on several root servers. As a player you can travel to any of these maps without any restrictions and without long loading time. Our event map is filled with an admin market, where you can buy colorful dinosaurs for in-game points, and a player market, where you as a player have the possibility to sell your dinosaurs and items to other players!

♦ Our Servers TheIsland steam://connect/ TheCenter steam://connect/ Ragnarok steam://connect/ Valguero steam://connect/ CrystalIsles steam://connect/ ScorchedEarth steam://connect/ Aberration steam://connect/ Extinction steam://connect/ Genesis steam://connect/ Genesis2 steam://connect/ Lost Island steam://connect/ Lost Island VIP steam://connect/ TradingCenter steam://connect/


►A community of players and admin's at your fingertips.◄

♦ Discord
Our Discord offers an all round support for all players including a live ticket support in case no admin is available. Furthermore, the community exchange is available at any time, even outside of the game.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/SqaBkgUnmT

♦ Awesome players
The best thing about us is our players! They come from all over the world with the same passion and support each other in everything they can. So don't be shy and come say hi!

Website: http://www.forceofgaming.net/

♦Force of Gaming Pvp Cluster♦

♦ 6 Player Tribe ♦
♦ XP x10 - Harvest x10 - Taming x10 - Breeding x30♦[/center][/b]

- Player Max Level: 105 + Ascensions
- Dino LvL 150 (Tek 180, Wyvern 190)
- No Admins!
- Almost No Rules!
- All official Maps!
- Solofarm Plugin
- New Player Protection for 72hrs
- No Laggs
- No Alliance
- No travel delay and losses
- Automatic Engrams
- Unlimited Mindwipes.
- 10k Stacks and 90% Itemweight reduction.
- Ingame Shop and Timed Points
- Voting Rewards
- 2x Free starter kits & starter dino for everyone!
- ORP 48 Hour Offline Protection with 90%!
- Balanced PVP mit PVP Cooldowns und PVP+
- international Community

♦ Mods

Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2328947748

♦ Our Servers
steam://connect/ - The Island
steam://connect/ - The Center
steam://connect/ - Ragnarok
steam://connect/ - Valguero
steam://connect/ - CrystalIsles
steam://connect/ - LostIsland
steam://connect/ - ScorchedEarth
steam://connect/ - Aberration
steam://connect/ - Extinction
steam://connect/ - Genesis
steam://connect/ - Genesis 2

♦ Discord
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XjP5xtbtga
Website: http://www.forceofgaming.net/

Player Stats Per LVL:
Stamina: x3
Oxygen: x5
Food/Water: x2
Weight: x50
Damage: x3
Speed: x1.5
Fortitude: x2
Crafting: x2
Water/Food drain: x0.5

Dino Stats per LVL:
Health: x1
Stamina: x1.5
Oxygen: x1
Food: x1
Weight: x50
Damage: x1.2
Speed: x1.2
Crafting: x1
Healthrecovery: x2

Players 22 / 750
Website www.forceofgaming.net
Registered by SoulofSorrow
Registered since January 5th, 2019 04:49 PM EST
Last update December 15th, 2021 01:25 PM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
[FoG] PVE Cluster - Gen 2
8 / 250 Community Crosshair First Person Modded Third Person Vote Rewards
[FoG]PVE Cluster - Ragnarok
11 / 250 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE Ragnarok Third Person Vote Rewards
[FoG] PVE Cluster - Fjördur | New Map
3 / 250 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE Third Person Vote Rewards