Cross Ark x1000 Plugins over 700 Member over 2 year experience admins, admin logging in chat.

Maps: Center, Ragnar, Aberration


- Insults and racism in the chat, on the TS3 and Discord Server are not allowed
- You can build everywhere except Wyvern caves, Pinguin Palast, spawns and Ragnarok desert cave, ice queen cave and lava golem cave and in and on the entrance of the extinction artefact caves and on the boss areanas
- dont spamm teleporters
- offline raids and wipes are allowed
- Its not allowed to use buggs
- own music bots on the TS or discord aren't allowed
- Hacks etc. are forbidden
- you can jail someone 15 min long after this you must kill him or you must let him free
- Foundationspamm should be reasonable


Only The Best Survives

Welcome to Resu. We are a 3 Man Tribe Server est. 01.01.2018. We will provide next week on friday a new server (07.06.2019). We are an international server project. We provide a community with over 400 players. We provide mostly high speed server. Now we will create a new server project with times 10 x Harvesting, 20 x Taiming and 25 x Breeding + We have an ORP with times 3 Turret dmg and times 4 Structure HP + Many Events (2 Event Admins). Everday is Event Day 🤗

Jump and Run Event, Raid Events, Twitch Live Events (A wipe is a show), Soccer Event, Death Match and many more. We don't have problems with undermesher, cause we as admins are very activ in spectator. We as admins only play as Event Admins. We don't Raid, we don't give anyone information and we stream our day. We use as shop the shop plugin and the revard vault mod. The revard vault is our main shop.

† Discord †

† Server Join Info †

RAGNAROK (alpha just for testing until 07.06.2019)
- Server IP:
- Port: 9999
- Join Link: steam://connect/

THE CENTER (coming soon 07.06.2019)
- Server IP:
- Port: 9997
- Join Link: steam://connect/

† ORP System †

- It starts when your tribe is 10 min offline
- When this timer if finished then all structure take 4 times less dmg (StructureResistance = 0.25) and the Turrets deals 3 times for dmg(StructureDamage = 3.0).
- Autodecay starts after 72h offline. The the structures gets wiped and dinos gets destroyed.

† Mods †

Structures Plus+
Classic Flyers
Classic Glider
StructureSaver (Just for the event Admins)
NoReplacingDuringRaids (our Community Mod)
Tc Auto Rewards

† Server Rules †

1. No Flaming (on this server). We have server where u can flame a little bit, but this server is a no flame server.
2. Racism is not allowed on any servers of Resu.
3. Undermeshing/ Bugusing or Hacking(inc. Config changes) are not allowed on the server.
4. Dont Build in the Wyvern Scarf, Ice Queen Cave, Desert Cave or Lava Golem Cave.
5. Your Building need to be accessible with a trike.
6. Dont Build on big farming spots (more than 10 Metall Rocks, Sillicia Pearl Spot)
7. Dont Build on spawn points.
8. Spam is only allowed at raid basses and at the base and only at a duration of 30 foundation from the Base (not the turret tower)
9. If u see any bug go immediately to the admin and show them the bug.
10. Dont bully a player.

† Weekend Rates †

Taiming Weekend

XP x 20,
Taming x 40,

Saturday - Monday

† VIP System †

You can support our server with 20 Euro per Month for SuperVIP. We provide for the 10 times server SuperVIP as VIP Status. All the Donation will go 1 to 1 to the root server. We will provide VIPs small Daly Boni (not rly op). Its for helping the server not for winning the wipe 😀.

Players 101 / 614
Registered by BigSchuetze
Registered since March 1st, 2019 04:41 PM EST
Last update June 18th, 2019 01:54 PM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
[EU] Wiped 20.09 Cross Speed PVP x1000 H/T/B Resurrection
93 / 244 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vote Rewards
[EU] Wiped 20.09 Cross Speed PVP x1000 H/T/B Resurrection
4 / 150 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vote Rewards
[EU] Wiped 20.09 Cross Speed PVP x1000 H/T/B Resurrection
3 / 150 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vote Rewards
Wiped 18.06 Hx10 Tx20 Bx25 [EU] [CF,Arkomatic,Events,ORP]
1 / 70 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE PvP Third Person Vote Rewards