Server Rates:
5x Harvest/Taming/XP
20x Breeding rates
Wild Dino: 150
Player level: 115+ascension
Tamed Dino: +200 bonus levels after tame
Some stats enhanced.

TheIsland, Thecenter, Ragnarok , Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction
& Genesis.

S+ (pull fix)
Suicide Potion/Death finder
Dino Tracker (Players,allies & tamed) no Wild Dino.
HG Stacking 10k
HG ORP (4x HP during active state)
Editable Server UI (What you are looking at right now)
TC autoreward (This is the SHOP, craft the structure and use its interface)
- +2 points per 10 minutes
- +10 points per "Vote" (/vote & /claim commands)


PvPPvE (To activate PvE, contact admin to turn you into one)
- PvP on by default
- PvE full protection
- Tribe-lock (You can only join the same tribe owner for the whole cluster)

VoteRewards (Vote for server for additional rewards)
- 10 Points of TC earned per vote
- /vote & /claim commands to be used

AntiStructureDamage (Prevent certain stuff from damaging structures
- Corrupted Dinos: Can damage structures
- Mek: Cannot damage structures
- Extinction Titan: Cannot damage structures

AllyLookingDisabled (Disables ally looking by default)
FamilyShare (Kicks FamilyShare user's)
LevelDistribution (distributes wild dino levels equal to Ragnarok&TheCenter)
CrossClusterChat (Global chat for the whole cluster)

1. You are not allowed to Mesh, supervision will follow

2. You are not allowed to camp-kill outside PvE bases as a PvP player.
- You are not allowed to camp-kill outside PvP+PvE bases as a PvE player.

3. Do not cluster the chat with ill intent wall-of-text spam

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