Blog Feed en Mon, 30 Oct 2017 16:24 CET is a ARK servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 A New Rule for Votes - Version 2 Mon, 30 Oct 2017 16:24 CET
We have now a new idea that might be better and close from our goal.

We will no longer limit the number of servers per page from the same owner/group/network. We want now to limit to 3 the number of servers a SteamID can vote for, per day.

Let us know what do you think about this.]]>
A New Rule for Votes Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:02 CEST
After two servers, all the servers of the same community have their votes ignored in the score.

If you have some questions about this, feel free to ask us directly with the ticket system :

This new scoring system is a first test and can evolve in the future, but one thing is sure : It was not fair to have multiple servers boosted by the same pool of players. ]]>
ARK: Survival Evolved Full Release Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:17 CEST

It has been a challenging and emotional experience for everyone a part of the ARK world; we're overjoyed about finally being able to hold the complete ARK disc, and want to thank each one of you for joining us on this journey.

ARK started out as a very ambitious project, in terms of scope of content, features, and the story. It was no secret that we were in for an adventure with what we were hoping to achieve alongside the community. It started out as a basic open-world survival game, with one ARK, one boss, about 30 creatures, and approximately a bazillion bugs give or take. It was hard to say where the game would lead us, regarding its story, and its development. Those of you who were with us for the Early Access launch had many questions about how the world came to be, why you were here, and where we were going. Today, you can begin to discover the answer to those questions.

Over the past 26 months, the game has undergone massive improvements thanks to feedback from the community. We now launch with four ARKs - including the Norse & Scottish Highland-Inspired "Ragnarok" -, five bosses, over one hundred creatures to tame and encounter, the inclusion of the Primitive+ alternate game mode & Procedural ARKs, hundreds of mods, total User Interface overhauls, general performance enhancements, bug fixes, quality of life improvements, countless additional gameplay plus story elements, and... a toilet.

With the “1.0” release version, you can experience the full story of ARK: Survival Evolved! Can you make it to the heart of the ARK and discover the shocking secret that lies buried within? While it may seem strange for a survival game to have a “single player” mode with an “ending”, we’re happy that surviving the ARK provides a measure of closure should you seek it, while also pointing the way to what comes next.

Rest assured this complete version of the game will still be receiving regular updates, and this is not the end of the ARK saga, but only the beginning of the next phase, for great adventures and awe-inspiring new experiences are just around the corner…

It won't be long before we add two new members to our ever growing family of critters (with the Otter joining us today on PC, with the Phoenix and additional Tek Gear coming later this week!), as well as items, additional gameplay elements and more. ARK has only just scratched the surface, and there is a long future ahead, survivors everywhere will get to experience something out of this world.

Early Access hasn't been an easy or straightforward process; there is no established guidebook or instructions on how to take a game from early access, and into the full digital and physical retail release. You could say that we now understand why so few have done it. ;)

Having the community by our side, through thick and thin has been a key component to achieving this milestone. Sometimes we've made mistakes, and have had different opinions, but we truly appreciate each and every one of you. Your feedback, ideas, support, and passion through our Early Access journey have been vital to the development of the game and will continue to be invaluable to us. The community has undoubtedly influenced ARK for the better and contributed to its success and the landmark of reaching full digital and retail release.

We encourage everyone who has ever wanted to ride a T-Rex, soar across the skies on the back of a Pteranodon, fish from their boat as the evening sun fades over the horizon, or explore the deepest caverns to encounter terrifying extinct predators, to join us in the living, dynamic world that is ARK: Survival Evolved. Whether online or off, solo or in a large tribe, we think that everyone will find something special to discover on the ARK and make it their home.

Stay tuned for updates on the relaunch of our Official Server Network on our social media channels (@survivetheark), and watch this space over the course of this week for lots more exciting ARK news, hint hint!

See you there!]]>
ARK Patch 256: Equus, Leedsichthys, Ichthyornis, Iguanodon, Underwater Bases And More Sat, 01 Apr 2017 18:59 CEST

Patch v256 comes to you today crammed with new content, including vacuum-sealed underwater bases and aquatic creature breeding, TEK teleporter pads and wireless generators, and four new creatures. It also brings the first major menu redesign of ARK, as the Inventory UI receives a complete visual and functional overhaul for a streamlined new look. This is a huge upgrade that means easier access to everything in the player’s inventory. 

The TEK Tier for ARK is being implemented in multiple phases, with today’s update including awesome new element powered gear like: 

TEK Underwater Bases! This allows fully-enclosed structures to be created underwater, with ventilators to allow oxygen filled room. Air-locks allow players to enter and exit without flooding their base.

TEK Power Generator! This wireless generators power TEK structures and any Tribe electrical structures in adjustable range. 

TEK Teleporter! Easily and quickly move around the expansive open-world island, but very challenging and expensive to obtain!

TEK Mosa Saddle! Once placed on the Mosasaur it equips the beast with lasers and more.

TEK Tier content is a wave of sci-fi-themed, end-game features that reward hard-working Survivors with awesomely futuristic gear and guns. Players wanting TEK Tier loot will need to gather the newly introduced Element resource, which is granted after successfully completing Boss Arenas. Each Boss has three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) and after defeating the respective Boss are awarded with unique TEK Knowledge engrams, element and other general Boss Rewards. Collect the Element, then use the TEK Replicator to craft all TEK items!

Likely an ancestor to the modern horse, Equus Magnus is a much larger steed, and when tamed, can be used in much the same way - riding, herding, and used as pack animals. Equus is so large, in fact, tribes have been known to not only ride them, but attach extra large saddlebags to them, essentially making them into mobile research and crafting stations.

Craftable within the Equus' saddle inventory, the new Lasso item can be used to wrangle creatures and players while riding. Now you can live out your cowboy dreams in ARK!

If Survivors are lucky, they may come across a majestic sight. The Unicorn is the rarest creature on the Island, with it's white coat and horn protruding from its' forehead. It can be tamed just like the normal Equus. However, only one of these magical creatures naturally exists on the map at a time, so treat it with the utmost care!

Leedsichthys Conviviumbrosia is the largest fish in the waters around the island. Its meat is also extremely succulent which is unusual given its size. It is often traded with the same value as Prime Meat, and colloquially called 'Prime Fish'. Of little taming value, tribes do keep schools of Leedsichthys in pens for meat, as it is so huge, chunks of meat can be cut from it without causing it death or permanent injury. 

While Leeds is normally passive towards humans, it is extremely aggressive towards boats on the open water. Rafts that enter its' territory will quickly find themselves in grave trouble and will be forced to fight or flee, or lose their home.

The alpha Leedsichthys, which is somehow even larger than the average Leeds, is massive and white in colour. If a Survivor manages to kill the beast, they will be rewarded with lots of fish meat and a special cosmetic skin hidden within it's belly.

Iguanodon Vicissitudinisis a large herbivorous dinosaur that bears a strong resemblance to the Parasaurolophus but without the distinct head crest. Iguanodon has two spike-like thumbs for prying fruits open to pick out the seeds and for  stabbing would-be predators. They are as capable of walking on all fours as they are on just their hind legs. Combined with its highly effective fruit harvesting and substantial carry weight, the Iguanodon's excellent mobility in bipedal stance makes it an ideal field-hand that can also pull off a quick get-away, or an agile defense, when needed.

Considered just a "plain old" normal seagull, Ichthyornis Piscoquus lives near beaches, surviving off of native fish. While timid by nature, if tamed, they become partners for their tamer, riding their shoulders. Survivors can send their tamed Ichthy to attack small prey such as fish, dodos, and compys. The fish it brings back are rich in meat and far better than a Survivor would be able to catch by hand, making the gull very useful.

A long time coming, Patch 256 finally brings breeding to the aquatic and amphibious creatures of the ARK. Underwater eggs cannot be picked up by players as they cannot survive out of water, so plan ahead carefully! Underwater eggs will incubate in water at all times so there is no need to monitor their temperature. These adorable little ones will certainly steal their way into your heart.

In addition to all of the above (it's a lot!), this patch also includes the following:

- Lots of new in-game sounds
- 1 New Hairstyle and 1 New Facial hairstyle (Growable ponytails with full physics and mutton chops!)
- 30+ new Explorer Notes]]> Switch To HTTPS Fri, 24 Jun 2016 22:32 CEST
Our API can still be used without HTTPS for compatibility with third parties.      

Here are the most notable benefits of this change:

  • Improves global security of the server list
  • No more problem to use our embedded content on external websites that use also HTTPS
Ping Feature Sat, 18 Jul 2015 18:07 CEST
We are the only web server list for offer such feature and be sure that in the future we will do our best to continue to add original features.

There are lot of criteria to select a good ARK server. Among all of them, the latency is very important: no one wants to play on a server that is lagging like hell.

That's why will help you to find a server with the best ping in a location close to you.

Currently our "Ping" feature has 12 locations:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Chicago, US
  • Dallas, US
  • Los Angeles, US
  • North America
  • Germany
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Sweden
  • Russia


Discover our Ping Feature

ARK Survival Evolved is now available on Mac and Linux! Wed, 01 Jul 2015 22:17 CEST
The Mac and Linux versions share all of the features and content of the PC game and includes seamless online cross-play, with players able to play together no matter which platform they choose. 

ARK survivors can dive into the dynamic ecosystem where they craft weapons and tools, build multi-story houses, commune with other tribes, as well as tame, train and ride a huge variety of dinosaurs from the terrifying T-Rex to the monstrous Spinosaurus and the soaring Pteranodons.

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Jurassic ARK - Day Five Sun, 14 Jun 2015 21:46 CEST

Cathy, darling, lunch is ready! 

Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello Survivors! 

It’s time for our favorite part of the day again, whoo! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK screenshot competition! Today’s competition was to showcase your group taking out the Broodmother on an Official PvP server! We weren’t really sure how many survivors would be able to complete this, and by deadline the results are in! 

The Winners!

To have successfully participated in this competition, survivors would have needed to explore the ARK in search for the special hidden artifacts, as well as collect the difficult and necessary ingredients to spawn the Broodmother! 

We did not actually know whether anyone would be able to achieve this by the deadline, but were hoping that there would be some entries. The rules stipulated that we would only accept winners who had completed the summoning on an Official PvP server to ensure that there was no foul play and a certain level of difficulty and risk was involved. 

By the 4PM EST deadline we had received two entries, both from the same tribe! @SeriousGaming, lead by the famous Twitch power couple Alan and Vic, carried out the quest in collecting all the necessary ingredients, as well as exploring the deepest and darkest caves to gather all the mysterious artifacts, and then successfully summoned, plus defeated the Broodmother. 


So congratulations to everyone in the tribe Serious Gaming! We’ve been keeping up with your antics throughout the early access launch and it has really led to some interesting moments, providing both highs and lows. Both Alan Savicki and Christopher Jordan have won a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for providing evidence of defeating the Broodmother! Congratulations guys and a very good job! Hope you enjoy the film! Now you can get that popcorn you've always wanted Alan! Looking forward to see what else you’ll achieve in the ARK universe. 

As for tomorrow’s competition, it’s going to be the hardest one to date! Looking forward to the entries, here’s a reminder of what you’ll need to do: 

Gotta Tame em all! Dino-saur!

Do you have what it takes to the very best?! Like no ever was?!!! To tame them is your real test, to mount them is your cause!!!!!!!! You should travel across the ARK, searching far and wide. Each creature to understand, the mystery that’s inside!!!!!!!. Dino-Saur, Gotta tame em all! --- We want to see EVERY TAMABLE CREATURE IN ARK, TAMED (& Saddled where appropriate), ON AN OFFICIAL PVP SERVER, TOGETHER. DO IT. MAKE IT AS EPIC AS YOU CAN. USE PAINTS, LIGHTS, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! 

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the entries 

Jurassic ARK Content Update

Yesterday we launched the Jurassic ARK Content update Build v173.0. It didn’t take long for the Spinosaurus to be tamed, we were seriously impressed and it also highlighted some balance concerns with the strength of the Dinosaur! 

Earlier today we ended up releasing a new build, v174.0. This is a new build which contains the original Jurassic ARK Content patch, as well as many more bug fixes and balance changes! Please make sure you read the patch notes to stay up to date with what’s changed and remember to provide your feedback on the steam discussion boards! 

Thank you for all the support everyone, it’s been a really fun week and remember, tomorrow is the last day we’re accepting screenshots for the Jurassic ARK Contests! It’ll most likely be the toughest event yet so who knows what we’ll see, if someone does manage to tame every dinosaur on a PvP server, including the newly introduced Spinosaurus, that will be incredibly impressive! 

Drake went ahead and spoiled one of the tons of upcoming creatures, so here’s a sneak peak at the Compsognathus AKA “Compy”! 

Cute little thing isn’t it! 

All the best, 

Your Community Manager Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team 

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Jurassic ARK - Day Three Fri, 12 Jun 2015 14:01 CEST

Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello Survivors! 

It’s time for our favorite part of the day again, whoo! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK screenshot competition! Another day full of fabulous entries from loads of different tribes, there are some definitely creative, and some hilarious minds in the community ;) 

As a reminder, the competition runs through the entire week and each day we’ll be select some winners who will get their hands on a Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard! You can use this to go watch our new favorite movie with your family and friends! 

Just as a recap, today’s competition was for: 

Coolest Tribe


Gather your friends and family and take the most epic group screenshot you can! This could be at feast, after a hunt, or during the construction of the coolest base. We want to see a great group shot that shows the world just how amazingly distinct your Tribe is! 

We had loads of entries from tribes of various sizes, these were our favourites: 

First Place

Luke van Gorp takes first place with an epic screenshot from his tribe CLAN AOD! Must respect goes to them as they gather together when the fog set in. Abandoning a Stegosaurus that was in the process of being domesticated for this epic screenshot. Here they are decked out proudly in their tribe’s colors, black and red! They’ve tamed a large variety of beasts and have made camp in the hidden valley. 

Thanks for the fantastic photo guys! Really happy to see a tribe that large with so many dinosaurs! I hope some of you will be seeing the film together as you’ve won a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard! 

Second Place

Nata Karinka takes second place with this troublesome trio! Here you see them pictured next to their two large tribe-houses, saddled up to begin their next adventure. What a view aswell! Great shot guys! Isn’t it magical to see 3-different types of creatures, working together? Who would have thought a Triceratops could end up working alongside a Parasaur and Raptor! Clever thinking from this tribe to get all their bases covered. Speed, Strength and Utility! 

Great photo! Hopefully you guys will be able to see the film together as you’ve just won a 50$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard! 

Third Place

Wow, Ferocious! and I’m not talking about the T-Rex, Big Daddy. Johnathan Lessard’s crew Qc Gold send us a photo of their first T-Rex tame! Their leader is pictured bare-chested, he’s either insane or one helluva fighter! 
Unfortunately, since this photo was taken Big Daddy has lost his life in a courageous battle. Everyone at Studio Wildcard expresses their deepest sympathy and condolences. In difficult times this, we hope you take our 25$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard and support all Dinosaur-kind in whatever endeavours they take part in. We’ll never forget Big Daddy. :’( 

Honourable Mentions

We’ve had another day of great pictures, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. We’ve held ourselves from having a sneak-peak at what’s in store for us so it’s going to be very exciting going through the emails! Here are some of the survivors who didn’t place, but deserve an honourable mention for their screenshots! Both Jack Adams and Julio Hinkson Jr have both won a $25 Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their submissions 

Jack Adams 

Professor X-Rated and The Midnight Ride are pictured here as the dynamic duo, experiencing the ARK as a pair. Together they’ve work alongside one another to ensure their and their pets survival in what is seen as a daunting and dangerous place, even for large numbers. 

Julio Hinkson Jr 

It’s another dynamic-duo! But this time they’re a pair of scientists. An island filled Dinosaurs and odd Science-fiction-like objects needs some scientists, perhaps they can figure out why you guys are here and what’s going on! Good luck to you guys with your journey on the island and thanks for a great screenshot! 

Thanks for all the entries guys and congratulations once again to our winners! Tomorrow’s competition will be for: 

Epic Environment

There are a lot of beautiful spots across the ARK, many of which remain undiscovered by any player, as far as we have seen. Go out, explore, uncover the beauty that is the island and send us those magnificent screenshots. 

Jurassic Park Content Update

Limited Edition Jurassic ARK cosmetic items! 

With the upcoming release of Jurassic World, some love needs to be shown to the franchise that showed the world how magical dinosaurs can be. To thank them and all the fans involved, we’re going to be releasing two special limited edition cosmetic headgears! You’ll be able to find them spread around the ARK in the stomachs of predators. The Dilophosaurus have been seen sporting what looks to be a pair of broken glasses… possibly taken from a nerdry survivor. Also the ferocious, Tyrannosaurus Rex has been seen carrying what looks to be like the remnants of a baby T-Rex? Possibly mistaking it for its young, it would be tough to try and get one of those… well… good luck! 

Here's a little sneak peak ;) 



Also for those eagle-eyed players watching our Steam page, you may have noticed that ARK now has Steam workshop support for maps and mods (including our very own example map!), and the ARK Dev Tools to create and upload them are released, details can be found here: While we still consider this feature experimental, we encourage all intrepid creative types to show us what they can create by downloading the (30GB!) of ARK Dev Tools, and putting some custom content onto the Workshop! Stay tuned for some HUGE announcements regarding ARK modding in the coming week! We recommend you get a headstart with the tools now ;) 

Thanks again guys -- looking forward to seeing the epic screenshots! Go see Jurassic World tomorrow and get inspired for the Epic Environment contest tomorrow! 

Take it easy everyone, 
Your Community Manager Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team!

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Jurassic ARK – Day Two: The Jurassic was a time of huge insects Thu, 11 Jun 2015 13:24 CEST

Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello hello! 

It’s time for our favorite part of the day! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK contests. Similarly to Day One, we received loads of great and very different entries for today’s theme. It’s an absolute pleasure seeing what you guys create in our world and we cannot wait to see how these bases will grow in the future :)! 

As a reminder, each winner will receive a Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for you to go with your friends and family to watch the new film! So let’s get down to the contest! Just as a recap, this is what today’s contest was for! 

Coolest Base

We wanted to see your grand fortresses, your hidden mountaintop bases, your tiki jungle villages, your shark-infested ocean-hideouts. Anything that you guys think would be awesome and unique, send it our way and we’d love to see it :) Bonus points for custom paint jobs! 
Just like yesterday, we had a bundle of great entries but these are the bases which we found the coolest! 

First Place

Congratulations to Sam Lawrence! Not only is he a master when it comes to creating a base, but it turns out he’s ARK’s first real estate manager! He’s putting up cabin for sale so definitely get in touch if you’re interested! We quote from his listing: 

Here we have a nice secluded two bedroom, one and half bath log cabin home situated on top of a structurally sound waterfall. Amenities couldn't be easier find at this prime location! With water under your feet, it's easy to cool off and take a dip, or fill up your waterskin in supreme comfort. Be sure to try out the three story diving board if you're an adrenaline junkie! Safety first kids! 

You'll find easy fishing up stream and Phiomia as far as the eye can see! As the day ends and you head to repair your tools and cook your meat steaks, you will be welcomed by an amazing sunset over the ocean below. Carnivores will stay away at night as the rocks and tree lines prove difficult for them to traverse. We think you'll love this "edgy" log cabin retreat. With its stunning waterfall, immaculate views, and with easily accessible food, how could you say no?

He’s willing to negotiate and has set the bar at; 

1,000,000 Narcoberries or 
5 Raptors Tamed or 
1 T- Rex Tamed

Now that’s a bit steep for us, though we love diving board! So how could we resist?! Do you accept payments in the form of a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard instead? ;) 

Second Place

Congratulations to Austin Mitchell! Survivors have a lot of things to worry about when they enter cave, from the poisonous spiders, the tranquilizing scorpions, the behemoth cave-dwelling snakes, and the ever-screeching bats… however this is a cave which holds much more than darkness. A cave where survivors have forgone the beauty of the landscape, entering the ARK’s dark abyss, either they’ve lost their minds… or know something that we do not. 

A 50$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard is a small price to pay for the brave survivors who dare live within this dangerous chasm. 

Third Place

Congratulations to Etienne La Count! Clearly a survivor who spares no expense for the best. A base crafted out of the purest of metals, making use of advanced technology, we wonder how expensive their utility bills are for this electrified, watered condominium? 

Scientists of the ARK have awarded Etienne with a 25$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their advanced knowledge in creating a modern home in a pre-historic world. 

Honourable Mentions

We’ve had a lot of great pictures for this contest! It was incredibly difficult to choose our top three, so we ended up with two honourable mentions! Both Jonah Hollis and BruteForce OAP have both won a $25 Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their submissions 

Jonah Hollis 

What looks to be an entrance to a massive pre-historic night-zoo, hosting creatures from all across the ARK. If only he had sent in some Focal Chili so we could see better in the dark! 

BruteForce OAP 

With all those Carnotaurs and Sabertooth, BruceForce definitely has the right idea, making use of all those electric wires to keep his pets from causing any trouble. Especially considering his recent paint job, he wouldn’t want to make a mess if they were to run loose! 

Thank you all for your entries today! Looking forward to what we’ve got on show tomorrow :)! 
Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the winners for the: 

Coolest Tribe

Gather your friends and family and take the most epic group screenshot you can! This could be at feast, after a hunt, or during the construction of the coolest base. We want to see a great group shot that shows the world just how amazingly distinct your Tribe is! 
Can’t wait to see what you guys have to share! 

Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everybody’s favorite giant-dragonfly, the Meganeura! 

Friday’s Jurassic ARK Content Update!

Here are some of the fancy new gameplay features you can expect to dig into with Friday’s major update: 

Tribe Governance features: do you want to be full utopian Communist where everything is shared, rapacious Capitalists with absolute private property, or something in between? Now Tribe founders can choose! 

New Structures: The Metallic Spike Blockade for stopping incoming Dinosaur attacks, and the Food Storage Bin for preserving your food over extended periods of time and turning beef into jerky... mmmm beef jerky! 

Flyers can now carry other dinosaurs, not just humans. C4-Packing Dodo Air Drop anyone? 

And yes, significant performance enhancements, especially for those with mid-range to lower-end graphics processors :) 
More details tomorrow on some new loot you’ll be able to find, if you’re up to the challenge! 

Have a great night guys, see you on the ARK! 

All the best, 
Your Community Manager Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team! 

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