RedFrost | The Island

RedFrost | The Island
Hostname RedFrost-TheIsland - (v278.4)
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Players 1 / 70
Location Germany Germany
Version 278.4
Platform Linux
Map TheIsland
Registered by Acidrain155
Registered since February 13th, 2018 01:41 PM EST
Last update February 17th, 2018 08:14 AM EST
Last wipe February 17th, 2018 12:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvE Third Person

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Welcome to the RedFrost Cluster Server!
We are currently hosting 2 PVE maps, Ragnarok and The Island. Due to our decision to make this a PVE server we had to look for other ways to make the game somehow difficult.
So we did a lot of testing and tweaking to make the game a balanced, fun and also challenging experience.
We chose a very high Player/Dino Level cap to provide a long-term reason to play and improve.
If this different Ark experience is what you are searching for RedFrost is your server to join!

1. No harassment, insulting of other players.
2. No glitching, cheating, exploiting, hacking (self-explaining).
3. No blocking of artifact caves, it is okay to build inside but keep it to a minimum to let other players still explore the entire cave.
4. No grabbing of other players without their permission.
5. No excessive resource blocking, also including Beaver Dams.
6. No excessive Bronto/Doedicurus farming (rates are adjusted to prevent farming lags, but there is still no need to overdo).
7. No refund for lost items/dinos due to game bugs/glitches.
8. Destroy your old taming structures.
9. Obelisks must be free and accessible to all players.
10. For PVE tribe-wars both tribes should agree on some rules before the war starts.
11. English or German in the global chat.
12. Have Fun

❅Server Settings❅
Exp: 15x
Harvesting: 3x
Taming: 8x
EggHatchSpeed: 10x
BabyMatureSpeed: 4x
Crops: 5x
Mating Interval: 0.5x (Faster)
Difficulty: 20
Max Wild Dino Level: 600 + 900 after taming
Max Player Level: 900
Hit Markers: enabled

❅Cluster Settings❅
Dino, Item, Survivor transfers are enabled on all servers.

Check our Steam Mod Pack for detailed information.

Questions? Suggestions? Improvements? Join our Steam group, TeamSpeak or send us a mail.
Mail: [email protected]

❅Server specs❅
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
8 vCores
Up to 500 MBit/s traffic

❅Voting System❅
Check out the Vote rewards here :


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