ARK 4 Old Nerds [Island][Cluster][items+][BetterDinos]

Server Information
Hostname ARK 4 Old Nerds [Cluster] - (v354.4)
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 70
Location United States of America
Version 354.4
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Group ARK 4 Old Nerds [Cluster][PVE][items+][BetterDinos][Shop]
Registered by iEzJay
Registered since July 4th, 2022 10:44 PM EST
Last update September 10th, 2022 01:20 AM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvE The Island Vote Rewards

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About This Server

Welcome to ARK 4 Old Nerds. A mature community for the casual player that is looking to relax, enjoy the game, and progress at their own pace. 

Crystal isles
The Island
Gen 1 (Soon)
Gen 2 (Later)

Server & Host Information:
Dedicated Physical Box with 8 Cores CPU, 64GM of RAM and 2Gbps Fiber Network (Central US)
Dedicated SSD for Cluster and RAID Backups
Dedicated UPS for any emergency on all devices
Server Backups every 15 minute

Weekend Multipliers:

6.00X Player XP
8.00X Taming Speed
3.00X Harvest Multiplier
0.25X Mating Interval
3.25X Mature Speed
4.00X Egg Hatch Speed

3.00X Player XP
10.0X Player Weight
5.00X Taming Speed
10.0X Dino Weight
3.00X Dino Harvesting
3.00X Less fuel consumption
0.75X Food, Water, Stamina Consumption
1.50X General Harvesting
0.25X Resource Respawning

Breeding Multiplers:
0.40X Breeding cooldown
2.50X Mating speed
1.50X Egg incubation
2.25X Baby maturity speed
0.80X Baby food consumption
0.87X Egg laying interval

Cloning Chamber: 
2.25 Speed
0.15 Cost

Structure Decay Times (in Days):
8 Thatch
16 Wood
24 Stone 
32 Metal & CKF
64 Tek

Envrionment Variables:

All engrams are auto-unlocked
Additional Foundation Support: 4
Tek Generator Required for unlocks: 1
Tek Teleporter Unlocked
Tek Transmitter Requirement Unlocked
Tek Trough Exteded to 35 Foundations
Spayed & Neutered Dinos cannot be cloned
Weekly Dino & Nest Wipes
KBB Dino Babies & Fertilized Eggs
Custom Generated Beacons based on QOL
Unlimited mind wipes*
Custom supply crates**

ARK Shop Notes:
*Note mind wipes require points spent from shop
**Crates & Items unlocked based on Discord Roles (Verified, Booster, Booster+, etc)

HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V315 (928102085)
Structures Plus (S+) (731604991)
Death Helper (566885854)
Awesome SpyGlass! (1404697612)
Swim Clear Scuba Mask (1102050924)
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered (1814953878)
eco's Empires - Romans (1846109576)
eco Trees (670764308)
Auto Run - Func+ (801082391)
Better Waypoints V2 (2769908652)
Dino Storage v2 (1609138312)
Kraken's Better Dinos (1565015734)
Items+ Companion (2564546455)

QOL Plugins:
Lethal Items +. Able to transfer customs items across ark servers (element, trophies etc) and prevent overflow buffer.
Lethal Quests. Daily, Weekly and Special quests to complete for rewards. 
Kals Cross Chat - Discord included
Vote Rewards - Earn points for the shop

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