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Revenant Gaming PvE Ragnarok (Cluster)

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Hi. after the last patch i am not able to join the server :/ i get "unable to query server info for invite"

Although I know you already know this Ryo, but for anyone else who reads these comments... Discord, or our website is the best way to reach for assistance.
Why do you guys use S+ but disable every feature of it? You're just using it for anti-collision but that's a server setting for that now so there's no need to use/advertise S+ (since you don't actually allow it to be used).

S+ fully enabled circumvents too many game mechanics. Makes things too easy and boring. All of the core S+ building features were left alone. There are plenty of other reasons to use S+ aside from Anti-Collision, and the cheater features, Sorry if you don't see it that way. Maybe our servers aren't for you.