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Servers By Countries

Choose a country to find servers running in this location.

Argentina Argentina

5 servers

Aruba Aruba

1 server

Australia Australia

57 servers

Austria Austria

31 servers

Belgium Belgium

119 servers

Brazil Brazil

25 servers

Bulgaria Bulgaria

10 servers

Canada Canada

54 servers

Costa Rica Costa Rica

3 servers

Croatia Croatia

2 servers

Czech Republic Czech Republic

35 servers

Denmark Denmark

38 servers

Estonia Estonia

3 servers

Europe Europe

135 servers

Finland Finland

9 servers

France France

2397 servers

Germany Germany

5898 servers

Greece Greece

6 servers

Hungary Hungary

20 servers

Iceland Iceland

4 servers

Ireland Ireland

28 servers

Israel Israel

2 servers

Italy Italy

53 servers

Jamaica Jamaica

1 server

Japan Japan

1 server

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

2 servers

Latvia Latvia

1 server

Lithuania Lithuania

2 servers

Malaysia Malaysia

2 servers

Malta Malta

1 server

Mexico Mexico

10 servers

Netherlands Netherlands

333 servers

New Zealand New Zealand

6 servers

Norway Norway

61 servers

Panama Panama

1 server

Poland Poland

48 servers

Portugal Portugal

40 servers

Romania Romania

8 servers

Russia Russia

35 servers

Serbia Serbia

2 servers

Singapore Singapore

3 servers

Slovakia Slovakia

1 server

Slovenia Slovenia

4 servers

South Africa South Africa

41 servers

South Korea South Korea

4 servers

Spain Spain

364 servers

Sweden Sweden

57 servers

Switzerland Switzerland

91 servers

Taiwan Taiwan

1 server

Thailand Thailand

3 servers

Turkey Turkey

3 servers

Ukraine Ukraine

2 servers

United Kingdom United Kingdom

2112 servers

United States of America United States of America

626 servers

Uruguay Uruguay

4 servers