Exiled PVE Ancient Extinction DLC

Exiled PVE Ancient Extinction DLC
Hostname Ancient Extinction - (v292.103)
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 0 / 70
Location United States of America
Version 292.103
Platform Linux
Map Extinction
Website https://exiledark.com
Group Exiled PVE
Registered by branikova
Registered since August 10th, 2018 08:35 AM EST
Last update November 19th, 2018 09:51 AM EST
Last wipe October 6th, 2018 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvE Vote Rewards

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Exiled PVE Ancient Extinction DLC
Website: https://exiledark.com
3xT, 2xG, 1xXP

Mods include: Cluster Mod List!

Long term server! No planned wipes!

see the clustered servers!
Ancient Ragnarok

Ancient Aberration

Ancient Island

see our other (unclustered) servers!
Extinction Core Ragnarok

What makes our Server unique?

This server cluster provides an almost vanilla feel without the grind. We have slightly higher than normal progression but kept it within reason. We include ease/automation from S+, auto engrams, reusable utilities, better spyglass, and speed saddles.
We enhance the experience by adding some tamable spawns from Aberration, Scorched Earth, and Ragnarök. We also add custom creatures such as breed-able Griffins, Rock Drakes, Wyverns, and Dragons (and some surprises).
We have balanced everything possible. This included the Boss Arenas which have been made tougher. We are not using the kibble table this time but instead have made the S+ Vivarium obtainable earlier in the game to house your egg producing dinos

-Each map has unique dinos to tame that can be taken back to toher maps
--Ancient Wyverns and Dragons on The Island
--Rock Drakes and glow rets etc on Aberration (only aberrant dinos can go to Aberration)
--Mountain, Artic, and Pygmy (Shoulder) Griffins on Ragnarok (as well as SE dinos except Wyverns)

-We have the enjoyment of dino mods without skyrocketed rates. This results in long term enjoyability!

-We have no planned server wipes! We will run the server without wipe until it becomes too unstable to continue.

-We have active admins. If we aren't in game we can be found on our Discord.

-We have an active and cohesive community. Almost everyone is active in Discord.

-Server uptime is 100%. Rarely is the server ever down for an extended period. Any time an update for ark is released we update the server within 15 mins. (this includes mod updates, never wait long periods again)

Online webshop that you can get a free starter kit from after creating you character. We also offer a few donation kits that help support server costs.

-Max player level default with ascension
-Wild dino level 150 (exceptions with rare sightings)
-Public ini files
-Admin logging is enabled
-Double daytime and standard night time
-Cave flying enabled
-Hit markers & floating damage enabled w/ the option to toggle cross-hairs
-Map location
-Spoil times increased by 25%
-Corpse bag timers increased
-Dino Scanning Disabled on S+ Transmitter
-Faster values for breeding.
--Egg incubation x2.5
--Mature speed x4
More settings info in our discord

*No harassment, griefing, or cheating. Most should be familiar with these basics (please be mindful we have a community from all backgrounds and be respectful)

Please see the #rules section in Discord for the most up-to-date rules.

**For in-game assistance, to report a player, or for any other questions regarding our server please join our discord via the link above or here.

**New players, come to our website to get an in game starter kit. (You must have a created character in game first)

***Please stay tuned to this page as is it will be continually updated***

Our modset
Structures Plus
HG Stacking Mod 1000-50
Dino Tracker
and more!


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