Ark-Origins The Island | PVP | 5X All |Offline Turret Damage x5| 6 Map Cluster| S+,Stacks|

Hostname ArkOrigins [The Island] 5x All /NPP/Offline Turret Damage x5 -
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 1 / 70
Location United Kingdom
Version Unknown Version
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Registered by jamesisback1
Registered since September 7th, 2019 04:04 AM EST
Last update September 13th, 2019 07:16 AM EST
Last wipe September 13th, 2019 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community First Person PvP Third Person Vanilla

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Hello Survivors!
Hello Just launched a new server with 5x Rate and pre paid for one year enjoy!.

Game Settings
5x Harvest, Taming and Experience.
Baby Raising 5x
Egg hatching 5x
Breeding interval 0.5x
Day time 1.5x (1x on Aberration)
Night Time 0.5x (1x on Aberration)
Crop Growth 5x

Overrides and Mods
Structures Plus - Nanny,Hatchery,Demo Gun,Transfer Gun and transfer tool the rest Disabled.
Awesome Spyglass - Learned at level 10.
Editable server UI - press F1 to display menu in game.
Griffin taming Disabled

Offline Raid Protect Plugin
Activates automatically no commands required.
/orpcheck (checks current ORP settings)
Can carry protected dinosaurs False
Passive Dino Take No Damage True
Drop Inventory Passive Dino True
Protected Structure Resistance 0.2 (Takes 4x less damage from all sources)
Offline Turret Damage x5
Wild Dino Damage 0.01
UP Delay 15
Down Delay 1
Raid Delay Penalty 30 Minutes (Adds extra time so you cant combat log when getting raided.)

No More Undermeshing Plugin
Teleport player out of mesh.
Reports player to Discord server for Further review.

1) English only in global.

2) You must have a legitimate character name. You may not call your character "Human", "Survivor", "Player", "123", "321", "OneTwoThree", "□□□" or anything similar.

3) Do not prison or cage offline players.

4) In siding is forbidden, e.g leaving a tribe and taking dino's or valuables without consent, If you wish to leave a tribe disclose it to the tribe first what items you want to take.

5) No meshing inclusing hitting or biting through walls. No destroying things on the other side of a wall illegitimately.

6) All structures must be able to take damage e.g no meshed structures.

7) FOB'S and taming structures are allowed but clean up after you have used them. You can pickup any repaired structure. So use it. Dis-used structures can lag the servers.

8) Don't block access or build on the following area's: Obelisks, Map Spawn points, Wyvern Scar, Portal south West surface entrance in Aberration, Artefact spawns you can build in artefact caves but make sure the artefact is accessible without taking damage from turrets.

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