Valguero 2XP-5G-10T Valguero 2XP-5G-10T
Hostname Valguero [PvPvE 2XP 5G 10T] - (v310.111)
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 7 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 310.111
Platform Windows
Map Valguero_P
Registered by AscendedArk
Registered since April 25th, 2020 05:16 PM EST
Last update May 29th, 2020 01:15 PM EST
Last wipe April 25th, 2020 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE PvP Third Person Valguero Vote Rewards

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Rank 127
Score 81
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Ascended Ark, a 6-man PvPvE Cluster.
A unique Ark community where Player vs player, players can find the wars they are looking for, while player vs environment players can also enjoy being a part of the community.

Map Launch Schedule:

◈ Ragnarok: Launches 04/10/2020
- Timing of future map releases depend largely on community growth/health
◈ Map 2: Tentative Launch - 04/17/2020
◈ Map 3: Tentative Launch - 05/07/2020
◈ Map 4: Tentative Launch - 05/28/2020
◈ Map 5: Tentative Launch - 06/18/2020
◈ Map 6: Tentative Launch - 07/09/2020

Rotating Wipe Schedule (After All Maps are Launched)

Every 2 months, there will be one map wiped and locked for new players to join our community and start building up, not having to compete directly with advanced, established tribes. They have full transfers in and out, except for the first 8 weeks after their wipe, where transfers are limited to only survivors transferring in.

After being wiped, that specific map will not be wiped again for 50 weeks.

All characters will not be affected by these map wipes, and tribes will have a chance to move their belongings to another map before the wipe occurs.

DISCLAIMER: Ascended Ark PvPvE platform is designed for long term enjoyment and community involvement. There is no set date for any future FULL WIPE. The Ascended Ark Team reserves the right to conduct a full cluster wipe if it is clearly needed for the community health.
Ascended Ark10/01/2019
Ascended Ark Cluster Rates (PvPvE)

◈ Experience: 2x
◈ Harvesting/Gathering: 5x
◈ Taming: 10x
◈ Maturation: 15x
◈ Breeding Intervals: 0.5x
◈ Hatching: 20x
◈ Cuddle Intervals: 1x
◈ Player Fortitude gain per level: 4 point increase per level (2x)
◈ Player Speed gain per level: 3 point increase per level (2x)
◈ Player Weight gain per level: 30 point increase per level (3x)
◈ Dinosaur Weight gain per level: 3x (Varies depending on the dinosaur being used)

◈ Ascended Ark Cluster Settings

◈ Difficulty Multiplier: 5
◈ Max Wild Dino Level: 150 (Tek Dino: 180 ; Wyvern & Rockdrake: 190)
◈ Max Character Level: 105 (Unascended)
- (Island Ascension: 120 ; Abberation Ascension: 135 ; Genesis 1 Ascension: 150 ; Chibi 155)
◈ All Engrams Auto Learned
◈ Max Players Per Tribe: 6
◈ One Ally Allowed (One Temp Ally Allowed only for Player vs Environment Activities)
- Main alliances will be recorded in a google document
◈ Structure and Dino Decay Enabled
◈ Cross Hair Enabled
◈ Third Person Enabled
◈ Map Location Enabled
◈ Gamma Enabled
◈ Tribe Imprinting Enabled
◈ Automatic Updates on Server Mods
◈ Turret Limit: 150 Turrets
◈ Offline Raid Protection: Turret Damage: 3x / Structure HP: 4x
◈ Passive Dino Protection: See mod information & Rules
◈ Daily Restarts with Wild Dinosaur Wiped
◈ Transfers Between Servers Enabled
◈ Cave Damage Enabled
◈ Weapon Damage Cap: 450%
◈ Saddle Armor Cap: 150 / 110
◈ Armor Cap: 496
◈ Durability Cap: 2096
Ascended Ark Server Mods & Plugins

Server Mods

◈ Super Structures (S+ Updated):
◈ HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V296:
◈ Awesome TP:
◈ Awesome Spyglass:
◈ Auto Engrams:
◈ Utilities Plus:
◈ Dino Tracker:
◈ Eco's Garden Decor:
◈ Eco's RP Decor:
◈ Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered:
◈ Editable Server UI:
Subscribe to all mods here:

7 Online Players

Rigg, Famous Amos, Jin Kystrike, Lannon, Joe, 123, primeweed

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