Covenant 5x TheIsland (Balanced ORP/Events/Shop/NPP/3 Man)

Covenant 5x TheIsland (Balanced ORP/Events/Shop/NPP/3 Man)
Hostname Covenant 5x TheIsland (Balanced ORP/Events/Shop/NPP/4 Man) - (v
Status Checked 9 minutes ago / Online 33 days ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America
Version Unknown Version
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Registered by IndyJacksonTT
Registered since May 15th, 2021 06:26 PM EST
Last update August 8th, 2021 10:29 PM EST
Last wipe August 9th, 2021 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP The Island Third Person

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Welcome to Covenant ark cluster!
Covenant is a PVP ORP cluster that aims to provide a fun PVP experience that won't consume your life to play without getting wiped, this server fits around YOUR schedule!

Connect to the server.
- Ragnarok - steam://connect/
- TheIsland - steam://connect/
- Aberration - steam://connect/
Server Settings

Server Stats
- 5x Harvest
- 5x Taming
- 3x XP
- 10x Maturation
- 24x Egg Hatch Speed
- 0.5x Baby Food Consumption
- 30-40min Cuddle Timer
Tribe Info
- 3 Man
- No Alliances
- PvE interaction are allowed
- Counter Raids are allowed
- Teaming not allowed
- All Tribes must have the same members across all maps
Player Stats per level
- 2x HP - 20 HP
- 2.5x Stam - 25 Stam
- 2x Oxy - 40 Oxy
- 10x Food - 100 Food
- 10x Water - 100 Water
- 5x Weight - 50 Weight
- 2x Melee Damage - 10 Melee Damage
- 2x Speed - 3% Speed
- 2x Crafting Station - 20% Crafting Station
- 2x Fortitude - 4 Fortitude
Dino Stats
- 2.5x Stam
- 2.5x Weight
- All others normal
Miscellaneous Info
- Unlimited Respecs
- Auto Engrams
- 150 Max Wild Level
This Server has cross ark chat so you'll be able to see what people are saying across maps and in Discord!
We have New Player Protection where you'll be able to apply for a PVP-free zone around your base for your first 4 days, this gives you a chance to build up.

Mod List
- Awesome Spyglass (Balanced)
- Dino Storage V2 (Better Cryopods)
- Kraken's Better Dinos (Mini-TLCs for various dinos (Balanced))
- Super Structures (S+)
- Ultra Stacks (Stack Mod)
- Auto Engrams (Automatically unlocks engrams with no popup)
- Best Eggs (Makes breeding more convenient)
- Nifty Things (Some useful items)
- TCs Auto Reward (Shop that can be easily accessible)
In-Game Commands
- /suicide - Kills you
- /players - Lists players that are currently online
We have lots of fun events every single week along with giveaways!

This server has a shop using the TCs auto rewards mod, you can buy various things from the shop(No blueprints or breeding dinos) using points that you collect ingame simply by playing or killing alpha dinos.
Offline Raid Protection Info
- ORP kicks in after 20 mins of zero activity from a tribe
- ORP gives full immunity to structure and dinos while active
- Turrets will still shoot while ORP is active and do extra damage with infinite ammo (no soaking offline base)
- If you have engaged in PVP and log off within an hour of your engagement your ORP will not come on for 3 hours (you can be offlined)
- ORP exists as a bubble that a tribe admin must set up, it has a diameter of 30 foundations (Put this by your cave entrance)
- Only 1 ORP bubble per tribe per map, it can be removed and placed again
- A tribe's ORP bubble will be removed if the tribe is inactive for more than 1.5 days
Offline Raid Protection Commands
- /setorp - sets up an ORP bubble at your current location
- /removeorp - removes your ORP bubble so it can be placed in a different spot
- /showorp - visually shows the radius of your ORP bubble so you can get it perfect

In-Game Rules
PVP Rules
- Wiping bases is allowed
- Caging is allowed (Max 24 hours)
- Artifact Cave Building is allowed (Artifacts can be bought in the shop)
- Counter Raiding is allowed
- Teaming is NOT allowed
- PVE interactions are allowed
- Any form of duplication will result in a tribe wipe
- No "123" or "human" names
- Tribe and player names must the same across all maps
- No abusing ORP (Putting c4 outside an ORPed base, dropping soakers, etc)
- Tribe members must be in the same tribe in all maps
- Insiding is not a wipe-able offense (Be careful with who you recruit)
- Meshing is a wipe-able offense
Building Rules
- No blocking off obelisks, terminals, player spawns, mini-boss caves, abb zone entrances, surface entrances
- Base spam is allowed, just keep it reasonable
- Building in the mesh is a wipe-able offense and offenders will not receive warnings
- Dino Traps do not need to be picked up, leave them unlocked after usage though
- No building in base spots that require cheese methods to enter (beds, chairs, etc)
Admins will not be allowed to participate in PVP, if an admin is spotted PVPing DM the owner.

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