Hostname Community-BalancedPvP-TheCenter-Scorched - (v256.7)
Status Online Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 3 / 70
Location Europe Europe
Version 256.7
Platform Linux
Map TheCenter
Registered by SentinelARKserver
Registered since April 11th, 2017 06:02 PM EST
Last update April 17th, 2017 04:46 PM EST
Last wipe April 13th, 2017 02:00 PM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person

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Uptime 100%
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3 Online Players

Nyantu, kriance, Clickedpwb


Only 1 admin (age 40). Zero admin abuse. Admin logging enabled.

The server is brand new. As such there's a ton of great base locations to choose from all over the map. This server is permanent. No wipes planned for 2017.

Highly competitive and balanced PVP environment

The aim is to maintain a highly competitive and balanced PVP environment by not allowing huge tribes and not making it possible to create monster tames via lvl 150 wild dinos. No fabricator! Hence, advanced weapons and structures cannot be crafted (so don't learn the engrams even if they are available to learn in the engram list!). Instead, primitive cannons, bows, and longneck rifles are king. Not rockets launchers, C4, and generally overpowered tames.

Offline raid prevention
No alpha tribes (max tribe size: 5 ; max dinos per tribe: 50)
No giga, ptera, mosa, tuso, wyverns
No club, fabricator, metal walls/foundations/etc
Max wild dino lvl: 96
Max player lvl: ARK default
3x XP, 6x harvest, 9x tame (plus, you increase your weight stat by 50 for every point you add to it)

Mods: No mods except for the Scorched Earth Tabula Rasa mod that allows for Scorched Earth dinos to spawn. Build your own Scorched Shrine to enable yourself to craft Scorched Earth items. To maintain a balanced PvP environment certain SE items such as fire arrows cannot be crafted - but may be found in small quantities randomly via drops for a temporary boost in fire power.

Rules: No weird and complicated rules that are impossible to enforce anyway. You may build ANYWHERE, but beware of the structure resistance penalty for building in caves and near cave entrances. Keep it civilised in the chats. Also, please give new players a chance to get started (ignore players below level 25 - unless they draw first blood, naturally), and no reason to kill dinos on passive...

All structures take only half damage. Smashing up bases shouldn't be dead easy.

Tip: Build your base in stone for maximum protection. Only the Rock Elemental (Rock Golem) as well as the primitive cannon can damage stone on this server.

Warning: ARK is buggy. Sometimes very buggy. It's the same for everybody. Sometimes you die and your corpse glitches under ground. Sometimes your dinos are lost out of the blue for no good reason. It happens, and it sucks. However, the server admin cannot (will not) cheat in dinos and lost resources. It gets out of control and is very easily abused.

Server specs

The server itself is a physical dedicated server with the following specs:

Operating system: Debian/GNU Linux 8.0 (“Jessie”)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770
HDD: 2x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm (software RAID1)

The server is hosted in a data center in Germany. The server network connection is stable and with a low latency.

Backup of all data happens 3 times a day to another remote server.

Connections to the ARK instance can be established directly via steam://connect/ or by clicking on the blue Connect button (scroll up; it's right next to the green Vote button).

Automated maintenance

The server is automatically brought down nightly (circa 10 minutes) for maintenance at 05:30 Central European Time. Also, when a new version of the Tabula Rasa mod is released, the server will send out a broadcast message with a 1 hour notice that the server be shut down and updated. If this is not done, others will not be able to join the server because of an incredibly stupid mod update logic in the Steam client.

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