Community Crunch 328: Fjordur Transfer Date, Community Corner, and More!

Posted on August 12th, 2022 07:44 PM EST

Greetings Survivors and welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

This week we're taking a look at some hand-picked content from the community in the Community Corner and preparing to open up transfers on Fjordur!

On September 9th, we will be enabling full server transfers into Fjordur on our Official Servers across all platforms. Once enabled, players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction!

There will be no EVO event this week.

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A very long time ago when I was an ark noob on the island, I had a phiomia I kept in a pen made of fences and let it wander around. One day I saw it had escaped and didn’t care too much since I could always just tame another phiomia. Fast forward a couple days and it’s the middle of the night, I go towards the woods of my base to harvest a bit of wood for my campfires and get knocked out by a bunch of troodons. But to my surprise, my phiomia comes running over to help me, draws the aggro of the troodons and fights them. She saved my life but died at the cost of it. Rest In Peace Princess Phiomia

Creator: Xavii
Xavii takes us along an epic PvP cave build in the Fjordur ice cave!

Creator: The Outcasts
Can you really become an alpha tribe in a week? The Outcasts test the limits in their latest video.

The Three Astrid, Fan art for @xSkeelington by @Haiwden

ARK × ukiyoe Ukiyo-e Dinosaur Illustration by @sarekoube1

Corrupted Survivor Doodle by HallOfFlameSs#3779

Andrewsarchus by @bonten_ARK

Apple Orchard by SkyeyPony

A King and Queen by PineConeDA

ARK Reaper King by meltedfreddy

Spawning on Aberration by @StudiosGoji

Untitled by ToxxicFoxxy#0061

Willow- AF by xFalkenx



See you next week!
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