Community Crunch 354: EVO Event and Community Corner!

Posted on March 24th, 2023 07:03 PM EST

While we put the finishing touches on the ARK Roadmap, this week we'll look at some of the amazing things the ARK community has been up to in the Community Corner!

Survivors on all platforms will be receiving an EVO Event! It will be active until Monday, the 27th of March.
All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

*Note that these bonuses are multiplicative of the game's standard 1x rates.
  • Official Servers: 2x XP, 2x Harvesting and 2x Taming
  • Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting and 4.5x Taming
  • ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting and 5x Taming
  • Classic: 6x XP, 6x Harvesting and 6x Taming

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Nitrado is hosting their ARK tSotF: Survivors Showdown alongside MTSArk, TeamSOTF, Intel and Lenovo. This tournament will take place on March 25th at 10 am PST, live broadcast by ARKitects and FirePumpkin0214!

Creator: XxStevieLad87xX
Watch Stevie build a Viking-themed base on the modded map Svartalfheim!

Creator: Skeel
International Corner
The adventure begins for French Youtuber Skeel and her team Les Mésaventuriers, as they start their journey through all the ARK in order, hoping to beat all the alpha bosses.

Raptor chase by u/Sunthoon

Arkcinda by ThatKiku

Frost Maewings by @N4STYR4BBiT

Hobby garden by terrortantrum

Dark Dodo by Keuran

Little something inspired by ARK survival by orangeslice2

Untitled by @vanceymo

Pretty Bat by @TiiaAurora

Spring on Ark by Chogono

Enjoy your weekend!
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