A New Rule for Votes

To avoid having our top pages filled with multiple servers of the same community/network, our scoring system has been updated with a new rule.

After two servers, all the servers of the same community have their votes ignored in the score.

If you have some questions about this, feel free to ask us directly with the ticket system : https://ark-servers.net/tickets/

This new scoring system is a first test and can evolve in the future, but one thing is sure : It was not fair to have multiple servers boosted by the same pool of players. 
Posted on October 12th, 2017 01:02 PM EST

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n1 :)
Honestly, the motivation behind this is extremely good and something I am very happy to see. This allows smaller servers to actually have a fighting chance against massive server groups.

As it was, one player could essentially vote as many times per day as the group had servers, while also boosting the whole group to the front page.

The motivation is good, but I think the execution is somewhat flawed. It effectively makes it impossible to get more than 2 servers populated. Don't get me wrong, our servers jumped from rank 30 to rank 7 because of this change which is great, but we now have no way to get players on our other 2.

Yes I agree that it's a good move - but it would be helpful if there was some mechanism for keeping the listings and selecting whether to have your votes counted or not.

This would allow small clusters like ours to rank the main servers on the site, while not completely losing the links to other cluster maps that you see when looking at the server details.

As it is, we've had to delete two of our servers. Rather than be able to say "turn voting off on this one".

It would be nice if there was a toggle to select whether voting is enabled or not, within the settings for server owners managing their listing.

I am actually really happy about this Lewi, As your server doesn't deserve players with the unfair banning practices you employ. "Guilty by accosiation". I would really appreciate if you could contact me on discord just so we get to know the real reason why, prove yourself to be more than the immature kid you behaved like. Do not misunderstand though, we do not want this bullshit ban reversed as we are happy where we currently are, but I'd like to put this issue to rest so that I don't have to go around and spread the negative story and evidence of your servers as it hurts the players in your community (whom all were nice people except the horrendous banning and leading practices you employ)


Dear NachoAracade,

For your information. The server you're currently playing on used to be owned by Mr. Lewi himself. It was the original server. Till they screwed Lewi over. The save file they're running on, use to be Lewi's ;) Why were you banned? For a good reason of course. You kept fighting with admins, regarding element. When no means no, not sure if you understand that. You harassed all our admins to get your own way. We don't allow that. This is why you got your ban. We've had other players fight bosses with no complaints till you came along. Everyone else is perfectly fine... but you demanded it you wanted it YOUR WAY. We deserve our player base, we ban people because they deserve it not because they don't. You had warnings, you kept ignoring and begging like a kid. Since your leaving, people have fought the Rag bosses without zero complaints on how hard it was and did it successfully. Thank you for publically posting your concern.


We recieved no warnings, if so, do show me Jess. This alleged "harrassment" that the ban description mentioned was the message where i asked if you had a minute to talk to me, where you said yes. This conversation however does not belong in the ARK Servers blog post, I still request that I be added on discord and we can talk about it.

Apart from that, yes, both me and Exo absolutely deserved a warning, however, why did Parz get banned due to "guilty by accociation"? That is just a failure in terms of how you run your server. So, once again, I request that I be added on discord and talk it over so that this can be laid to rest so that I no longer feel obliged to openly lay forward said evidence.


Yes But what suck is that you can now only vote 4 times. Really. Not even really worth it to come vote.
How do you pick which servers not to rank!? Do we just have to delete them?

So we have to choose which two maps to have on your listings, or else our players voting for us will do us more harm than good?????

Please explain how we can make this work without just deleting servers off the site?

The scoring system promote the two servers that have the higher score (so usually the more votes).
And this solves what? Nothing...
So now 2 of out 4 servers are pushed way down the list? Basically makes it impossible to populate more than 2 servers. Maybe some way to group them and have them ranked together as a community using total votes rather than this would be a better idea.

It was already totally unfair to have multiple servers boosting themself with the same pool of players and now you want something more unfair by cumulation votes from the same players but accross different servers....

You forget that ark is forcing us to host many servers. The cluster system is in place so players are looking for servers that offer more than 1 map. Those hosts are punished with this solution. The first solution (just 2 servers in the list at all) would be even more punishment though, so we accepted this one.

But still we are not happy with the change itself, as we are not getting punished very hard. We have worked 2,5 years for getting to this top places. Now, we will see 10/12 servers dying, because players cannot find the servers in the list and in the search too anymore.

At the end of the day, the players will be losers of this change too, as no host will keep a unpopulated server online. We will need to find other way to promote our servers now, because I would really hate to shutdown servers, because players cannot find them.

Whichever way you set it up, bigger communities with more servers are always going to be at the top. What I was suggesting was have one overall ranking for the community as a whole, rather than individual servers. That way it would mean large communities can't hog the whole front page, whilst still giving them a way to advertise all the servers they have, rather than just two.

I agree with this. This would be a fair and good solution for both parties. Don't get me wrong, my network is on the top 10 for months now. I fully understand why the intention of the change and thats what I also told the admins of ark-servers.net.
But it should also not be forgetten, that a lot of work was put into it and we have so many servers just because of the cluster system. A lot of players want to have the option to travel between maps and thats what we offer. Therefore I believe having a group entry would be fair.

Communities with more servers/players will still be at the top, there's no way to avoid that, but limiting everyone to one listing that can then be used to advertise multiple servers seems a better option. So rather that 4 servers worth of players voting 4 times a day on 4 separate servers, have 4 servers worth of people voting once a day on a combined listing.
That is really good :-) Is there going to be an option to chose what servers are ignored?