Instinct | 24/7 | 4 Map Cluster | Aberration | QoL Mods | PC | PvE | 2-3x

Instinct | 24/7 | 4 Map Cluster | Aberration | QoL Mods | PC
Address Private Server
Hostname (S+) PVE Extinction XP/10 Tame/30 5GATHER - (v287.124)
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 60
Location Canada
Version 287.124
Platform Linux
Map Extinction
Registered by Rahthos
Registered since January 4th, 2018 01:23 PM EST
Last update February 1st, 2018 11:14 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE Third Person

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The goal of our community is to provide an alternative to official servers and to provide a positive atmosphere so we can all enjoy the game together. We have put a significant amount of time into polishing our servers and we intend to run our maps until the content stops flowing.

Many of our maps have custom ini changes and we have a large variety of building mods and many other very convenient mods.

Keep in mind that you can only transfer dinos and items off of Aberration, not to Aberration.


The Island:
The Center:


Note: Our server password can be found on our discord. This way we're able to make sure that everyone joining is aware of our rules. Discord is a requirement as it allows us to do regular cleanups instead of full map wipes.


Server Location: North America


When joining, please remember to read through our #Rules channel. Most of our rules are common sense, none are extreme. We just want to ensure that everyone is getting a fair experience.

Island, Center and Ragnarok Settings:

Experience = 3x
Taming = 3x
Harvesting = 3x

Aberration Settings:

Experience = 2x
Taming = 3x
Harvesting = 2x

All Servers:

Difficulty = x5 (Level 1-150 wild dinos)
Egg Hatching = 10x
Maturation = 6.5x (Tested and 100% imprint is no problem. Still requires time/effort.)
Cuddle Interval = 0.55
Baby Food Consumption: 0.5
Flyer Carry = Enabled (Read the rules below)
Third Person Mode = Enabled
Crosshairs = Enabled
Friendly Fire = Disabled
Floating Damage Text = Enabled
Map Location = Enabled
Battleye Anti-Cheat = Enabled
Dino Decay = Disabled
Structure Decay = Disabled


Why should you join our servers?

- We have weekend bonus events for all servers.
- We have a very active admin team that really cares.
- There's no chance of us randomly shutting down anytime soon.
- We'll be adding Extinction when it releases.
- We have over 180 people on discord, so it can get very active.
- Monthly cleanups to ensure the maps are tidy - No server wipes!
- We hold building competitions and treasure hunts.
- We have custom crate and beacon changes on Aberration.
- Bosses drop more element than normal.
- On Aberration, all tek engrams will open up at level 100.
- Use the charge nodes on Aberration to craft element bundles; 12 element per node.


[Aberration Mods]:

* Additional Aberrant Dinos (Not all are added. See discord for more information.)
* Anti Radiation Tek Armor
* Baby Premium Care
* Configurable Charge Nodes
* Death Helper
* Death Recovery Mod (One use every 30 minutes)
* Dino Tracker
* eco's Aberration Decor
* eco's Tek Decor
* Platforms Plus
* Resource Stacks
* Scorched Earth Resource Stacks
* Structures Plus (S+)
* Super Spyglass
* SupremeArk Craftable Terminal
* Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
* Zed's Aberrant Gems and Such (Stack Mod)


[Island, Center, Ragnarok Mods]:

* Advanced Rafts (Island, Ragnarok)
* Baby Premium Care
* Castles, Keeps and Forts (Center, Ragnarok)
* Classic Flyers
* Craftable Tribute Terminal
* Death Recovery Mod
* Dino Tracker
* eco's Garden Decor
* eco's RP Decor (Center, Ragnarok)
* ecoTrees
* G.F.A.R. Re-usable Grapple
* Medieval Props (Center, Ragnarok)
* Medieval Structures (Center, Ragnarok)
* Mindwipe Classic
* Naj's Speedy Ice Wyvern
* Ozocraft (Island)
* Phoenix Everywhere
* Pimp My Home (Island)
* Platforms Plus (Center, Ragnarok)
* Resource Stacks
* Scorched Earth Resource Stacks
* Structures Plus
* Super Spyglass
* Ticket Mod
* Unlock Hairstyles and Emotes