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Primal War | PvP | ORP | Cluster | Allx10 | Vote System +
Hostname Primal War - PvP 4 Maps Modded Allx10 - (v284.104)
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 3 / 70
Location Germany
Version 284.104
Platform Windows
Map Ragnarok
Registered by Sensinator
Registered since January 26th, 2018 05:56 PM EST
Last update October 11th, 2018 06:31 AM EST
Last wipe September 27th, 2018 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vote Rewards

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Vote(s) 1126
Rank 10
Score 1775
Favorited 9
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Welcome to our server "Primal War".

You just want to play ARK?
Then do not wait and join us into the world of dinosaurs!

Please read the rules so that there are no complications, thank you.

PvP Rules:
§1) Players may be caged for a maximum of 20 minutes.
§2) The siege of an enemy base is allowed for a maximum of 24 hours.
§3) Structures (like Foundations) that are right next placed to an enemy base are allowed for a maximum of 48 hours. When the raid is over, the structures must be cleaned up immediately.
§4)Tribes that own a Raid-Protection are not allowed to join a raid on a mainbase, or to rename their tribe and they should not be champed at their shield (this includes keeping tribes small). All other includes open-PVP.
§5) The admins will not tolerate it if Tribes are kept small.

Rules General:
§1) Insults and racist and sexist statements of any kind will be punished.
§2) Artifacts in caves (Tek Cave included) must be accessible to all, it is not allowed to build into them or block the entry (the same counts for the entrance at Abberation!!!).
The only exception: If you are in the Tek Cave, the entry for the time in it can be protected by turrets. Which must be dismantled immediately after completion of the cave.
§3) An attack on a base in the radius of the ORP Protection while offline timer is running is forbidden. If the timer turns on during a started raid, you can continue the raid for the remaining time (a raid is considered to have started from the time taking turrets).
§4) No paths, as well as entrances or exits should be blocked by the Animal Protection Shield. It is not allowed to be replaced during in a raid. (Unless it needs to be moved to another location due to rule break)
§4.1) The "Animal Protection Shield" and the "ORP Protection Shield" should not be used in PvP (dynamic) and must always be located in a static location near a base of the tribe.
§5) To take advantage of "exploits", "Under Mashing" and the construction of "Bug Bases" and the teleporting of enemy dinosaurs and players is forbidden.
§6) Access to Loot Crates should not be blocked.
§7) The placement of a base and / or structures in the area of the Spawn points is forbidden!
$8) Items from the reward vault where spawns an animal, may not be transfer to another map.

Unique mod (AGC):
This mod contains the following changes / extensions:
- Animal Protection Shield: Serves to protect your dinosaurs in the shield, they can not be attacked by enemy players. Within the Animal Protection Shield, only structures can be built that have no inventory (a feeding trough is possible).
- ORP Protection Shield: Serves as offline protection for your base. It activates 30 minutes     after all players have logged off the Tribe.
- Auto Engram Unlocker (by level)
- Stackable resources (5000)
- You can pair Wyvern and Rock Drakes.
- New Ice Wyvern (reworked)
- The hive produces 1 honey every 10 minutes (standard 20 minutes).

Teamspeak 3
We have a Teamspeak for our Ark servers, each Tribe receives on request a separate channel with password.
Link: ts3server: // Port = 9988

Vote System:
Per vote you gain 5 Arc points. You can cash in them by typing "/vote" in the chat.
To support our project, we would be very happy about a donation.
You receive 10 ARC points for every Euro you donate to the server.

Server settings:
XP: x10
Taming: x10
Harvest: x10
Breeding: x10
Max Dino Level: 300 (Boss fights are harder equal to the dino level)
Max Player Level: 104 (+30)
Max Player In Tribe: 10
Max Alliances Per Tribe: 1
Max Tribes Per Alliance: 2
Dino Movement Speed Per Level: x2
Max Dino Tame Limit:400
Player Weight: 1x (you start at 500 weight.)
Player Fortitude: x2
Offline Raid Protection: Yes
Admin Logging: Yes
Turret Limit: 400
Titanosaurus: Deactivated
Third Person: Yes
Map Location: Yes
Crosshair: Yes
Daily Restart: 5.00am
Mindwipe: Always possible
Disabled Engrams: S+ ATV, S+ Tek Shield Generator, S+ Personal Teleporter, S+ Mutator, S+ Beehive, S+ Element Catalysator, Tek Fence Foundations
Cluster: Ragnarok, Aberration, The Island, The Center

Installed mods:
TC‘s Auto Reward
AGC (Stack Mod, Spyglass,Protection Shields, Wyvern/Rock-Drakes breedable)
Super Spyglass
Editable Server UI (WBUI)

3 Online Players

Quif, Leif-Benny, mixalis1292

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