[EU/CZ] PvP Lawless Kingdom ★ Season 1 ★ 9.2.2018 XP5 G5 T10 B15

[EU/CZ] PvP Lawless Kingdom ★ Season 1 ★ 9.2.2018 XP5 G5 T10
Hostname [EU/CZ] PvP Lawless Kingdom 9.2.2018 XP5 G5 T10 B15 - (v278.4)
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 8 / 50
Location Czech Republic Czech Republic
Version 278.4
Platform Linux
Map Ragnarok
Registered by Maggor
Registered since February 8th, 2018 09:39 AM EST
Last update February 21st, 2018 09:09 AM EST
Last wipe February 21st, 2018 12:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person
Vote(s) 47
Rank 142
Score 73
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★★★Welcome To Lawless Kingdom★★★

Our 'PvP Ragnarok' server is perfect for players who want to enjoy ARK in a friendly community!



►XP x5
►Harvesting x5
►Breeding x15
►Taming x10
- Improved Weight on Players and Dinos for best PvP experience.
- Halved Food and Water Consumption
- Increased Tame and Breed rates for PvP purposes, so players can tame/breed faster lost dinos.
- Longer Days
- 40% faster resource respawn
- No S+ Turrets ( Balista, Cannon,...) and increased Turrent ammount.
- Unlimited mindwipes
- Tribe limit 7
- Community driven server wipes( Keep in mind we have increased rates and we want to keep server fresh and competitive for all.) ~1-2 Month, depends on players.

It's very important to us to provide the best possible game experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers in Czech Republic. Our machine has an overclocked i7-7700k at 5,0GHz, 64GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and 2x 480GB NVMe SSDs with RA


-No Artifact Blocking
-No Cave, Desert, Underwater Loot Crate Blocking
-No Obelisk Blocking
-Bug abuse & hacking is strictly forbidden!
-No Undermeshing Players or Structures (everything must be destoryable)
All structures must be destroy-able and visible. This means no full under-meshing of structures or players. Also, no structures are allowed to be hidden completely except for pipes and cables.

* 1st Offense is temporary suspension for tribe
* 2nd Offense is loss of Structures and Dinos
* Final Offense is ban for involved parties

All disputes and complaints will be fielded in public channels on discord between tribe reps and admins/moderators. I would encourage everyone to take screenshots and screen captures as evidence.
Admin has final say in all discrepancies.


Raiding is inevitable - admins will not hold your hand or replace lost items, only intervening if it has strayed into griefing territory. Try not to wipe whole bases, kill what needs to be killed, destroy what you need to, and take what you want. However, we understand that foundation wiping can be a necessary evil and ask that you only do so as needed.
- Do not kill the farming Dinos if not necessary.

Try and give people a chance to start over when you're done or the server population will gradually decay.

- For rules,mods,Rates Suggestion and News join Discord.


★★★Server Mods.★★★
-Hg Stacking mod
-Super spyglass
-ORP2 with x3 Structures Health - requested by the community

8 Online Players

BuddhaBBQ, SeVaS csgoroll.c..., PumanBBQ, Army[❤], Singular, Hit_ZicK, Libor Bůček, 112roman112