Eventide - PvPvE - 5x Tame (Shigo Islands)

Eventide - PvPvE - 5x Tame (Shigo Islands)
Hostname Eventide - Light PvP - 5x tame [SHIGO] - (v279.22)
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Location United States of America United States of America
Version 279.22
Platform Windows
Map Shigoislands
Registered by eventidedev
Registered since February 18th, 2018 06:06 PM EST
Last update March 4th, 2018 02:56 PM EST
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Welcome to the Eventide ARK: Survival Evolved server - a PvPvE server intended to bring a nice balance of both fun and challenge for more casual ARK players!

-Server IP:
-Map: Shigo Islands (clustered with the Volcano)
-Slot size is currently 20, but can be increased as needed!

-5x Taming / 2x EXP / 4x Harvest
-3x Beacon Loot & Fishing Loot!
-5x Egg Hatch / 20x Maturation / Any tribe member can imprint
-500 dino-per-tribe limit
-100 after tame dino levels
-Cave structure damage halved (3x instead of 6x)
-Gamma on
-Unlimited mindwipes
-Aberration & SE engrams and dinos are available (no DLC required), as well as Ragnarok dinos
-Server events will be held -- with prizes!

This server is modded! You can find the mod collection here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302026583

Most mods are QOL improvements, but the most notable are:
-S+ / Structures Plus
-Rare Sightings: automated server events involving special dino spawns, with unique rewards!
-Speed saddles (craftable primitive saddles for flyers which give them a speed boost)
-3 additional modded dinos! Deinosuchus (large crocodile), Confuciusornis (egg helper bird), and Deinonychus (pack raptor)!

Light PVP:
PVP is allowed with some rules to keep it fun and fair for those who can’t dedicate their lives to playing a game about dinosaurs.
1. Respect one another. PVP is fun, but at the end of the day, it’s just a game. No excessive verbal harassment will be tolerated.
2. No total foundation wiping. Cracking open a base to loot it is fine, as is killing dinos that pose a threat to you, but leave something behind so that they can rebuild.
3. Community and event buildings are OFF LIMITS no matter who built them. These buildings will be clearly marked so that no confusion occurs. (Dinos may NOT be stored in community buildings for safety.)

General Server Rules:
1. Absolutely NO exploiting or abusing glitches to give yourself an advantage. If you are discovered to be doing this, you will be punished and likely banned depending on the scale of the exploit.
2. No blocking of significant resource nodes or spawns. Use your own discretion here. Most of the time, building on top of a small resource node is fine, but if you decide to wall off the biggest crystal spawn on the map expect the admins to come knocking.
3. The admin tribe (Eventide) will not engage in PVP to keep things fair. Alliances with Eventide can be made to help with community buildings and trade deals, but allies will not be defended. (Sorry!)
4. No blocking obelisks or artifact crates. If you build near one of these locations, make sure that the obelisk or crate can still be accessed by other players.
5. Serious harassment towards others will NOT be tolerated, nor will any form of hate speech.

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