Virtual Aggression UK The Island/Ragnarok

Hostname The Island Virtual Aggression H2X T3X XP1X - (v278.75)
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 2 / 10
Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
Version 278.75
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Registered by Liberave
Registered since March 13th, 2018 04:03 AM EST
Last update March 13th, 2018 04:11 AM EST
Tag(s) Community

Discord Server

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Map The Island IP:
Map Ragnarok IP:
Map Aberration IP:

We’d love to have you join our server Virtual Aggression! A community for Friendly players that enjoy PVE Map The Island/Ragnarok/Abberation.This server is slower pace than alot of other servers so an hour on this server wont get you very far its more suited for friends working together
We don't plan to do any wipes, so please respect our rules.

Mods 4
Nanny Disabled
Personal teleporter Disabled
Tek Buggy Disabled
Genomics Chamber Disabled
TeleporterPlus Disabled
Artifacts and Trophies can be traded in Auction House over our clusters
Dino Teleportation Disabled (no trading dinos over Auction House)
Trading Elements and Shards Disabled
Global Auctions Disabled
Auctioneer and mail box are the only engrams available for this mod the rest Disabled

and a Server info mod


Discord: Please be sure to join our discord for any problems that may arise
We have cross server chat so you can chat across all maps via discord ingame and out of game it keeps everyone connected :) This is for Ark players only so you need permission to enter this channel
Battleye protected
Floating Damage Text Enabled
2X Harvesting
3X Taming

Detailed rates and info ingame
Double elements with a chance of Bonus Elements
20 slots available will be more depending on player count UK Server
Daily Backups
Youtubers and Twitchers are very welcome!
Uk Server English Chat only please
No Griefing Cheating or glitching keep it fair
Respect others
Do not pick up other players or drop dinos into other player's base
Do not spam foundations or pillars to claim land
Do not block off cave Entrances
Do not block resource nodes or beaver dams, also if you raid beaver dams please destroy them afterwards
Do not build boxes all over the map please keep it clean and think of others it is a PVE server so you Dont have to build PVP style :)
Give plenty of room for other players to expand (No building on top of someone)
Server scheduled Restarts every 12 hours
Admins farm and tame like everyone else (Admin Tracker Enabled)
Happy Gaming!

2 Online Players

Slick Daddy, Swazzy Donald