Iron Call: Olympus - PVP - 5H,20T,5XP,30B

Iron Call: Olympus - PVP - 5H,20T,5XP,30B
Hostname Iron Call: Olympus - PVP - 5H,20T,5XP,30B - (v278.75)
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Players 8 / 100
Location United States of America United States of America
Version 278.75
Platform Linux
Map Olympus
Registered by Aliary
Registered since March 14th, 2018 07:23 AM EST
Last update March 15th, 2018 09:37 AM EST
Last wipe March 15th, 2018 12:00 AM CET
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Welcome all, will you heed the Iron Call?

Greetings from the Iron Knights! We're a growing community with over 100 members at the moment. We have all been playing ark together as a tribe for many seasons across a variety of servers, our ranks have grown and shrunk over time but our core values and the friendships formed have endured and continue to prosper.

Change is in the air for this season as the Iron Knights have launched our own server 'IronCall: Olympus'. This will be our playground where we can enjoy the game of Ark with our members, friends and the wider ark community in general. This server has been setup in an entirely non-profit way so there are no pay-to-win features, nor subscribtions required. Everyone is welcome to this fresh take on PvP and PvE Ark.

The Flavour.
This season will focus around the aquisition of 'points' by the various tribes on the server. The season will end when any 1 tribe reaches the required limit. These points can be atained either by defeating bosses and collecting their trophies or by raiding enemy bases in order to steal some of theirs. This system has been balanced in order to allow everyone to enjoy themselves from the casual PvE beach bob to the hardcore PVP ninja.

The Map.
Olympus is a new community map created by the talented modder 'RogueWolf91'. In essence it is a scaled down version of Ragnarok with all of the available biomes (including an aberration cave) and a beautifully sculpted landscape including an extremely large underwater paradise.

The Rules.
Knights live by a code of honour, we expect nothing less from our friends and guests. There will be no exploitive cheating (by this we mean duping, undermeshing etc.), the punishment for these crimes will be severe. We also want to expand our positive community so salt and toxicity should be kept to an acceptable level.

The Mods.
This server has 15 mods. This number sounds extreme and sets off alarm bells for many, however we can assure you that most of these mods are small and have a minimal effect on server performance. On that note we have also done extensive stress testing of our hardware and it has endured these trials admirably.
Each of the mods present have been carefully selected to each add to the 'secret sauce' that will make this server great. Also the mods have been painstakingly balanced so have no fear of those OP PvP items from Structures Plus etc.

The Rates.
Never let it be said that the Iron Knights are old-fasioned, although yes we are chivalrous. To this end the rates of the server will be progressive and will evolve over time. This evolution is set and staggered such that during the 1st week of the server the Harvesting and Experience rates will be 5x, they will increase by 5x each weak until they max out at 20x.

► x5 Harvest ► x20 Taming ► x5 XP ► x30 Breeding
► 100 Max Player Level
► 150 Max Wild Dino Level
► Max 10 Players per Tribe
► Admin Logging Enabled
► Max Dino's Per Tribe: 350
► Turret Limit Override: 20 per 6 foundation radius.
► All Engrams Learnable by max level.
► Infinite Mindwipes Enabled.
► Titanosaurs disabled.

► Olympus
► S+ Structure
► Stacking Mod 2500 / -50% Weight.
► Palisade
► Balanced Kibble
► Builder's Companion
► Dino Patrol System
► SelVision
► Valyrian Reins
► Classic Glider
► Editable Server UI
► Bore Water Kit
► Death Helper
► Platforms Plus
► Ascension4All **Remake**

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