[FOG] PVE Cluster - Valguero XP x2, H x5, T x10

[FOG] PVE Cluster - Valguero XP x2, H x5, T x10
Hostname [FoG] PVE Cluster - Valguero XPx2, Hx5, Tx10 - (v309.4)
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 12 / 70
Location Germany
Version 309.4
Platform Windows
Map Valguero_P
Website http://www.forceofgaming.net
Group [FoG]PVE Cluster
Registered by SoulofSorrow
Registered since January 5th, 2019 04:40 PM EST
Last update February 25th, 2020 06:56 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE Third Person Valguero Vote Rewards

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Vote(s) 4381
Rank 9
Score 6652
Favorited 67
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9 Maps PVE Cluster


Force of Gaming is a multigaming community with friendly and helpful members.
Our ark PVE servers includes 8 maps:
- Ragnarok
- Aberration
- Extinction
- The Island
- Scorched Earth
- The Center
- The Volcano
- Valguero - The Island - The Center - Ragnarok - Scorched Earth - Aberration - Extinction - Valguero - The Volcano - Genesis

You can travel to every server with every dino and item.
Our servers are specifically configurated.
You can get an personal ingame shop.
You can help designing and put your ideas in our own Mod (we have a special modder for FOG)
You can speed up your flyers!
You can Midwipe your Dinos!
Special Stuff:
Cryo potion (If you drink this potion you won't have the cryo debuff,
Sedative (wild dinos will get hunger),
Wake up (wakes up dinos),
Dino Imprinter (your dino will get adult with full imprint),
Dino Speed (you can choose Speed 1 (1,5x speed) Speed 2 (2,0x speed) or Speed 3 (2,5x speed),
ReMating (your dino will lose 10h for next breeding),
Element Transfer & Apex Drop Transfer (you can travel in cluster with element and boss items)

Our Settings:
XP: x2
Harvest: x5
Taming: x10
Breeding: x30

- Wild Dino max LVL 150
- Player max LVL 135
- Cluster wide chat
- Ingame shop
- Voting rewards
- Starter Kits
- All engrams
- our own Mod (you can design our Mod with us together and create new stuff with your ideas!)

"Our Root Server: CPU
AMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core ""Naples""
(Zen) mit Simultaneous Multithreading
2 x 960 GB NVMe
SSD Datacenter Edition Software-RAID 1
4 x 32 GB RAM


Admins are always available on Teamspeak!

FOG Mod Specials!
Mod description:

FOG Smithy

FOG Structure Box
FOG Ammo Box
FOG Saddler Box
FOG Weapon Box
FOG Ressource Box
- With 500 slots
- Pick up dropped structures
- Show and set range to 750, 1500, 2500 and 5000
- Thumbnail shows active settings
FOG Farming Box
- With 200 slots
- Change box design from wood to metal
- Pull resources from a dino, weight reduce set in GUI.ini
- Start and Stop pick up with button

FOG Achatina Box
- With 250 slots
- Pick up dropped snail paste and pulled the snail inventory to the box
- Convert snail paste to cementing paste and organic polymer to polymer

FOG Dehydrator
- With 50 slots
- make jerky and spoiled meat

FOG Mini Industrial Forge
- With 250 slots
- Pick up dropped metal, wood, oil, hide scraped metal
- Radial menu to select item to pick up
- 5x faster

FOG Egg Incubator
FOG Tek Mini Replicator

FOG Tek Compost Bin
- With 750 slots
- Pick up fences and produce fertilizer & super fertilizer (5x better than normal fertilizer)
- Start and Stop pick up with button

FOG Tek Refrigerator
- With 750 slots
- Radial menu to select item to pick up

FOG Tek Mini Generator
- With 150 slots
- run with element, element shard and oil

Infinity Tools
Grappling Hook, Bola, Scissors, Water Jar, Flare Gun (1x used on dino), spear (only when the spear is thrown)

12 Online Players

ARKoMat, Napalm Bling, Arti, Sonrisa Macabra, Schlafnix, Godlike131283, Pogolo, BlackAngel, EL Diablo, Vyress, Wildzunge, heimo50

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