Abyssal Ark - Extinction PVE - 2XP/Hx5/Tx4/x2Egg

Hostname Batserver - (v299.29)
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Location United Kingdom
Version 299.29
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Registered by ViPxNaThAn
Registered since March 20th, 2019 07:00 AM EST
Last update March 20th, 2019 07:00 AM EST
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We have a cluster of three servers
🏝Scorched earth

All servers are PVE, and it is a family friendly server!
We have a discord chat for people who wish to chat to others, but we have a few parents in there with younger children that like to come on mic now and then and talk to you, so swearing and blinding is not allowed at those times out of respect.

Our server rates are:

Experience: 2.2
Night time speed scale: 1.5
Day time speed scale: 0.9
Difficulty level: 6
Taming speed: 4.7
Harvest: 5.0
Egg hatch speed: 2.5
Baby mature speed: 4.5
Imprinting buff: 1.3

Max player level is 105, auto engrams is turned on!

Max wild dinosaur level is 180.

We have also set players food and water drain from 1.0 to 0.5 so you have to eat and drink that little bit less, that's helpful for scorched and extinction.

Now for the mods:

Automated Ark: 812655342
Structures Plus: 731604991
Castles and Keeps: 764755314
Behenmouth Walls: 542244370
SCUBA Mask Clear/Blue: 919494787
Awesome Teleporters: 889745138
Naj's Speedy Flyers: 1083349027
HG Stacking Mod: 928102085
Simple Spawners: 1295978823
Bitou2k's Binocular:1136125765
TCs Auto Rewards: 1260983937

Ancient Dragons and Wyverns:1206835819
(This mod is on Ragnarock only, so dont try to take ancient dragons to other clusters!)

Eco's RP Decor: 741203089
Eco's Garden Decor:880871931

We have very active admins and are willing to help when we can, and are very friendly.

We have setup a community center on each map with a reward vault in so you can claim a starter pack if you wanted, in the starter pack youll get a basic pickaxe, hatchet, torch, meat, bitou2ks binoculars, campfire, bed, waterskin or flask and two or three dinos with saddles, the dinosaurs depend on the map example extinction youll get an argy, therizin, dimporphodon. In the starter pack is also a teleporter remote and pad, and a soul gun and 5 soul balls.

We have many options for the reward vault and can get many cool things, such as raveger pack, where you will get three ravagers, one level 180 and two level 150 that is on map ragnarock, you will receive reward points every hour in game time we have not been harsh with the points either :)

We hold events for fun where you can win extra points for the reward vault!

Things such as wyvern trench run, where we built a quetzal platform building, everyone hops in the back, and we fly through the trench and you have todo everything you can not to get killed, last man standing wins the points, sencond and third place get a small amount too!

We have alot more events for a few laughs in mind!

Lastly we do have rules:

🦖 No means No!
🦖 No smack talk, bullying or mocking anyone!
🦖 Respect other players decisions.
🦖 Do not abuse teleporters or teleporting remotes
🦖 All decisions are always run by all players to make an agreement.
🦖 Admin decisions are final.
🦖 NEVER leave dinosaurs on breeding when you log off. Live babies cause lag when they are not claimed. If you are breeding dinosaurs that have eggs MAKE SURE you have enough hatcheries, if you leave your dinosaurs on breeding when you log off and do not turn them off, we will terminate the wondering babies and spay the parents.

We have a policy here. Three strikes, your out! No ifs, no buts... no coconuts.

Any issues please feel free to message the page or admin themselves. Any rude behaviour will not be tolerated and you WILL be warned.

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