[EU] Solo/Duo/Trio 100x/Shop/Kits/TP/EZTek

[EU] Solo/Duo/Trio 100x/Shop/Kits/TP/EZTek
Hostname SouthSideReapersRP - (v298.3)
Status Checked 3 hours ago / Online 40 days ago
Players 0 / 30
Location Germany
Version 298.3
Platform Windows
Map TheCenter
Registered by Humanized
Registered since March 22nd, 2019 05:23 PM EST
Last update April 4th, 2019 03:27 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vanilla Vote Rewards

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Server: steam://connect/
Discord: https://discord.gg/Kz394xj

Server information

Monthly wipes. Next wipe planned Friday 11th April
Boosted beacons, cave drops & boss drops
Vote rewards
Active owner
Weekly events
Active community
Max player level 172
Decreased structure limit for platformed dinos
Player stats: Boosted Weight, Stamina, Crafting & Fortitude
Dino stats: Boosted Weight & Stamina
No cannon raiding
Max wild dinos level 150 with 201 level ups
100x Harvesting & Taming
Instant max level
40x Breeding & 50x Egg Hatching
Polls are made before big changes to make sure it's something the players want


Kibble Table
Awesome Teleporters!
Classic Flyers
Better Reusables
Editable Server UI
Ultra Stacks


1.1 No complete under-meshing under any circumstances, all structures you place must be visible and able to be damaged. Especially with S+ structures.
1.2 You must have a legitimate character name. You may not call your character "Human", "Survivor", "Player", "123" or anything similar.
1.3 No trashtalking or being toxic in game chat or on discord. Being toxic is for example talking bad about someone's family or posting stuff about someone's family. Any result of toxicity will result in a ban from the servers.
1.4 Do not "prison" offline players.
1.5 Building rules: Do not block access to or build on the following points of interest; Ice cave and Lava Golem cave
1.6 Alliances have been disabled on the server for a reason, teaming is not allowed in any way shape or form!
1.7 Turrets or F.O.B's can be built out in the world when raiding, PvPing or PvEing. But must be taken down immediately after leaving the area or logging out and not left around in the world.
1.8 No Advertisement or name dropping of other Ark Communities.
1.9 No tek shield glitching and you are only permitted to have a maximum of "2" tek shields within your base.
2.0 Caging people is allowed for 20 minutes, releasing and catching someone does not reset the 20 minutes.
2.1 No offensive tribenames, offensive tribenames will be changed by an admin.
2.2 No cheating, glitching or any kind of bug abuse. This includes but is not limited to third party programs, such as aimbotting and autoloot systems. Any player being caught with any of these programs will get banned and devwiped.
2.3 Do not build on/under any obelisk, anyone that has structures on an obelisk will get structure wiped.
2.4 No insiding, insiding (with proof) will result in a ban from the servers.
2.5 No flying bases or flying FOB's.
2.6 Do not spam structures when raiding or when defending, placing a couple structures is fine. But do not place 50+ turrets or foundations just to block someone from advancing, tribes found breaking this rule will get structure wiped. Rebuilding during a raid is fine.
2.7 No cannon raiding.
2.8 No teleport traps, this means no placing public teleporters with turrets around them.
2.9 Do not make invisible/all sides opened vacuum compartments.
3.0 Tribe names are not to be changed.
3.1 Keep it English in the global chat.
3.2 What the Admins says goes, don't talk back. If you disagree, report it in the discord.
3.3 "Floating" underwater bases are not allowed.