Legion | EU PVE Ragnarok | 3H 10B/T | S+ CF etc

Legion | EU PVE Ragnarok | 3H 10B/T | S+ CF etc
Hostname Legion | EU PVE Ragnarok | 3H 10B/T | S+ CF etc - (v298.41)
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Players 0 / 15
Location Netherlands
Version 298.41
Platform Windows
Map Ragnarok
Registered by Jimbodiah
Registered since June 18th, 2019 08:41 AM EST
Last update September 3rd, 2019 03:16 PM EST
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Our server cluster is aimed at PVE-ers that are in it for the long haul and want to build cool bases and not worry it will all be gone after going on vacation for a few weeks.

The server is located in Germany, but we have several players from Canada and the US with no ping issues, so don't let that stop you.

The aim is to create a small and friendly community with a relaxed playstyle. There will be events from time to time such as pet hunts, races for some cool prizes, plus gamma (easy) boss fights now and then to help get tek engrams unlocked.

We're running a "boosted" server but do not want to make it OP as that will remove long term enjoyment, instead opting for an easier play-through than Official but still offering a level that will not have you bored after a few days.

We are continually trying to balance the game to make it more enjoyable, and your feedback is appreciated.

Our server regularly have holiday events active during the year, not just on the actual holiday. Also regularly organised events by admins and players alike, with awesome prizes!!!!

There is a reward vault to buy items with credits you earn by online-time or donating to support the server. This includes beginner items to high quality loot and dinos.

You can come chat with us on Discord at https://discord.gg/pqFSgat


Ragnarok: steam://connect/
Valguero: steam://connect/
Extinction: steam://connect/
Map Rotations: steam://connect/


note: Not all mods are installed on all servers. We have some map specific mods and several that are only used for our test/event server.

Find a list of our mods on Steam and subsribe:

We have Structures+, Platforms+, UltraStacks and Classic Flyers installed to name just a few.


- Suicide (type /suicide in chat to kill your survivor when stuck)
- CrossServerChat (chat is shared between all servers in our cluster)


1x XP
3x Harvest
10x Taming
10x Hatching
10x Maturation
0.1x Mating interval
5x Spoil time


max level 150 (180 with both alpha ascensions)
150% Health
200% Stamina and Speed
250% Melee damage
350% Weight
500% Oxygen/Food/Water/Fortitude
25% Food/Water drain


Long decay times on building parts
- Thatch 40 days*
- Wood/Adobe 80 days*
- Stone 120 days
- Metal/Glass 160 days
- Tek 200 days

If you are leaving for an extended period (>30 days) please notify us and we can store your dinos and perishables, plus not wipe your base.


- Auto unlock engrams when you level up, including Aberration and Extinction engrams.
- Unlimited re-specs
- Daily dino wipes
- Wild dinos can be picked up by flyers
- Increased loot quality for drops/crates
- Transfer element, trophies and boss rewards between servers
- Harvest multipliers hardcoded individually in our ini files to remove the harvest lag
- S+ Dedicated storage has all base game resources added to them (ie Extinction, kibbles etc)
- S+ Increased range for Helpers/Collectors to cover your whole base
- S+ Foundation support removed (build bridges etc without hundreds of pillars)



- Removed Microraptor, Pegomastax and Ichthyornis from spawning
- Added SnowOwl, Velonasaur, Ravager, Karakinos and Charge Pet spawns to Ragnarok


- Running the Valguero Extension mod that adds back some of the extinction and aberration creatures from the original mod. Also with the Aberrant Deinonychus.


We've set up several public teleporters at key locations on the map including the following:
- Event Arena in the Redwood mountains
- Bazaar and the canyon bridge for free food/drink, reward vault, free stuff box and safe shelter.
- Red/Blue/Green Obelisk
- Artifact locations
- Some remote parts of the map just for easy access

We hope to see you soon :)

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