[Yggdrasil PVP] x10 Ragnarok 6 man Kits ORP S+ AA

[Yggdrasil PVP] x10 Ragnarok 6 man Kits ORP S+ AA
Hostname [USA Yggdrasil PVP] x10 Ragnarok 6 Man [ANTIMESH ORP S+AA] - (v
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 0 / 60
Location United States of America
Version Unknown Version
Platform Windows
Map Ragnarok
Website https://www.ark-yggdrasil.com/pvp
Registered by Shodan
Registered since July 24th, 2019 03:47 AM EST
Last update August 14th, 2019 08:10 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvP Vote Rewards

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Score 41
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Welcome to the Yggdrasil PVP 6 Man Tribes Cluster

- Experience gain x10
- Gathering x10 (x15 on Weekends)
- Max Wild Dino level 150 (+153 Tamed)
- Max Player level 151 (With Ascensions 181)
- 6 player tribe
- 1 tribe alliances

Character Stats
-Health +10 per level
-Stam +10 per level
-Weight +50 per level
-Melee +5 per level
-Move +1.5 per level
-Fortitude +20 per level
-Player Water Drain 60%
-Player Food Drain 60%

- S+
- Reusables +
- HG stacking 1000 50
- AA
- Eco's Tek Decor
- Soul Storage

Advanced Offline Raid Protection
- PVP Cooldown is 5 minutes. If you enter combat with another player you will see the message on your screen saying 'PVP Cooldown'
- 15 Minutes after you log off ORP enables
- 1 Hour If you enter PVP Cooldown with anyone and log off (Stops combat logging).
- During ORP all structures become 100% protected. If you want your passives to become immune make sure you have their inventories empty. 3x Turret damage while offline!
- If you have any Dinos on Aggressive or Neutral or have anything in their inventories they will take damage but at 80% of the normal rate.
- After 6 Days if you do not logon ORP is removed and your structures and Dinos can be damaged as normal.
- You cannot place down any structures or pickup structures during PVP Cooldown
- Suicide Control. You cannot use the command /suicide if you are unconscious or in PVP combat.
- No Cannon Raiding and Chat Spam Prevention.

Dino Settings
- Mature rates x10 (x15 on Weekends)
- Egg hatch speeds x10
- Allow flying stamina recovery
- Mating interval x0.35 (double weekend rate)
- Baby food consumption speed x1
- Allow imprint by anyone
- Imprint stat quality x1.2
- Cuddle interval x0.1
- Cuddle Grace period x5
- Cuddle lose imprint quality speed x0.1

Environment Settings
- Taming speed x10 (x15 weekend rate)
- Harvest amount x10 (x15 weekend rate)
- Resource respawn x0.5
- Resource Replenish radius player x1
- Resource Replenish radius structure x0.5
- Day Cycle x0.5
- Night cycle x0.65
- Night time speed x0.45
- Spoiling Time Multiplier=4.0
- Crop grow speed x2
- Lay egg interval x0.6
- Hair growth speed x4
- Structure damage repair cooldown 200 sec
- Cannot pick up damaged structures
- Allow unaligned dinos on flyer platforms
- Destroy unconnected water pipes
- Turret limit 300
- Structure Collision Off
- Player&Dino Weight stat per level x3
- Fortitude stat per level x6
- Dino stamina stat per level x2
- Decay x2 faster than official.
- Fast Decay on unsnapped structures

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