[10/8] ODZ's PvP Cluster [Isl x10/6man/ORP/S+/CF]

Address ark.odzcluster.eu:7783
Hostname [10/8] ODZ's PvP Cluster [Isl x10/6man/ORP/S+/CF] - (v298.3)
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location Europe
Version 298.3
Platform Windows
Map TheIsland
Website https://discord.gg/NgB3MkS
Registered by odz
Registered since August 10th, 2019 02:57 PM EST
Last update August 12th, 2019 02:57 AM EST
Last wipe August 10th, 2019 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded Third Person Vote Rewards

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Welcome to ODZ PvP Cluster!

I'm launching this cluster in order to try and provide a great unofficial PvP experience. This launch is a test season to 1) Check server performance 2) Check that I haven't forgotten anything 3) Let people have a short season to try it themselves. It launches NOW and wipes according to schedule on the last friday of August at 19:00 CEST.

Currently running 5 maps: Island, Ragnarok, Abberation, Extinction and Valguero.
Currently using 9 mods: HG Stacking, Structures Plus, Offline Guard System, Editable Server UI, OSM Admin v1.33, Classic Glider, Auto Engrams!, Classic Flyers and Marvelous Spyglass.

- Ragnarok: steam://connect/ark.odzcluster.eu:28004
- Abberation: steam://connect/ark.odzcluster.eu:28000
- Extinction: steam://connect/ark.odzcluster.eu:28002
- Valguero: steam://connect/ark.odzcluster.eu:28008
- The Island: steam://connect/ark.odzcluster.eu:28006

- Servers restart every day at 06:00 CEST
- Servers check for updates to the server software every 45min and notifies/restarts as needed. Includes mot updates.
- Save world happens every 20 minutes/Save world backup externally every 30min
- x10 Taming/Harvesting/Experience
- x35 Egg hatch speed, x25 Mature speed, CuddleInterval 0.1, MatingInterval 0.4
- Imprinting settings might not reach 100% on every dino (haven't tested them all). Use the S+ Nanny.
- SupplyCrate loot quality x1.2
- Fishing loot quality x1.2
- Custom recipe effect x1.2
- Water drain 0.6/Food drain 0.8
- 6-man tribelimit.
- 24h structure protection for new players.
- ORP available. Amount of turrets in the area increases the timer until it activates.
- ARK Shop: 15p/15min.
- Buyable: Cryo (300p), Boss mats (25p/1 item)
- Turret limit: 300. Range is untouched at 10000 (vanilla)
- Lots of removed S+ engrams and some tek engrams (following most clusters).
- Dino level distribution follows the same path as Ragnarok on all maps.
- Damaged S+ structures can't be picked up.
- Teleporters on platform saddles are disabled.
- S+ intakes can be placed without water.
- Kibble recipes re-written to exclude eggs (not Augmented)
- x2 weight per point for dinos and players.

Crafting speeds

* Active administration on Discord using ticket system to handle issues. (!ticket)
- Tickets are archived and hidden from everyone but creator and staff.
* Any admin action is logged both in Discord and is shown in-game (Discord logging is still in-progress but will work shortly).
* Well maintained cluster on a serious dedicated server using proper hardware (will be upgraded whenever needed).
- Automated mod and server updates (Mod missmatch should be very rare)
- Automated crash restarts as needed (can't catch all crashes, but most)
- Automated backups of saveworld, cluster data and character profiles externally.
- Server issues reported to staff in Discord, through e-mail and other notifications.
* Rules to cover as much as possible regarding unfair PvP. (probably need to change/add more)
* Lots of focus regarding balancing PvP while keeping mod count down.
* Possibly weekend events from time to time. Nothing mega OP. Doesn't require cluster to restart.
* Wipes last friday of every month with no exceptions.
* Public votes regarding changes to the cluster except for performance stuff or admin stuff of course.
* Feedback from the community is actively asked for and can be sent in #feedback on Discord.

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/NgB3MkS

OBS: No dinos or items will ever be spawned in no matter what. Ghost-mode/teleportation will only every be used if actual proof of serious rule breaking/cheating/exploiting is available since I play on the cluster myself (avoids people claiming I abuse since I can show proof)

I've probably forgotten some stuff. Currently I'm the only admin and I intend to keep it that way if possible.

Jump in and try it out!

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