[EU][PT] Survival Prime - Hope x50 + Mods

[EU][PT] Survival Prime - Hope x50 + Mods
Hostname [EU] Survival Prime - x50 #2 S+/Outpost/Auction House/Domina -
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 0 / 60
Location Portugal
Version Unknown Version
Platform Linux
Map Hope
Registered by Pedrito96
Registered since August 19th, 2019 06:38 AM EST
Last update August 27th, 2019 07:02 AM EST
Last wipe August 19th, 2019 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvP Third Person

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A Small Comunity server, just to have fun.

PVP (with some rules)

Gather x10
Taming x20
Mating x2,5
Egg Hatch x5
Baby Mature x10
Crop Growth x2
XP x2
Dino Turret Damage x2
Fishing Loot Quality x2,5


HG Stacking 5000-90
Human NPC
Valguero Dino
Classic Flyers
Outpost Mod
Structures Plus
TC's Auto Rewards
Reusable Plus
Loot Crate Scanner
Additional Lighting
DinoTracker Classic
FrogMacs Kibble Station
Advanced Engram Unlocker


1- Every Raid must be simple, No Base Wipes! Only one way in and one way out!
1a)- During raids, damaged structures can NOT be picked up or repaired until the cooldown timer is done. When a structure is destroyed, no new structures can be places in the area for 5 minutes.
2- Respect everyone, Trash talking is okay, but don't go too far. Keep it nice in global chat!
3- Don't leave dinos abandoned around the map, and if you leave please don't leave them in aggressive, only passive or neutral.
3a)- If you encounter someone's dino and you see its not on aggressive mode, talk in chat to see if the player is online if its offline try to bring that dino to their player base if you can't just leave the dino outside your base with a message so the player can retrieve the dino.
4- Blocking important caves with buildings or Dinos it's a wipe on everything you have in there! No Warnings!
5- Events are only to be fun and to have different objectives to do! If you don't win don't go mad and do some stupid things just wait for another event and try to win that, who knows you can get better stuff in the next event.
6- No auto breeding. many unclaimed dinos as a result of auto breeding will result in a complete dino wipe for that tribe.
7- Do not build in the Wyvern trenches, obelisks or city terminals!
8- No over excessive structure spam. ( abandoned structures, over excessive spam, long-standing raided bases will be removed by an admin without warning).
9- Max. jail time 30 minutes. (releasing and recapturing doesn't reset the timer).
9a)- Roleplay is allowed in the server if you respect all the rules!
10- Building or just being in the mesh will result in a ban.
11- Be careful for who u let in your tribe. Consequences are for yourself.
12- No complete dino inboxing. Dino should be able to get hit from 4 sides.

More Rules can be add, always check in here!

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