[Steam only] [ArkReget] PVP-Genesis 2

Hostname [FR] GameEncore - PvE CrystalIsles + DLC! - (v348.10)
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United Kingdom
Version 348.10
Platform Windows
Map CrystalIsles
Website https://ArkReget.com
Group [Steam/Epic] [ArkReget] PVP
Registered by fevelix
Registered since June 3rd, 2021 07:02 AM EST
Last update June 3rd, 2021 07:04 AM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair PvP Roleplay Third Person

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Server Settings:
Anti-raid offline : Enabled
6 Man tribe
Character weight per lvl x5
Stacking x10 - 1k
XP x10
Harvesting x10
Taming x20
Max wild dino level 225
Dino Breeding x25
Cave Damage x4

General Rules:

1. Pvp On Wild has no rules.
2. No aggressive dinos on Obelisks or in/near rich rrs areas
3. Fobs allowed only in Raid.
4. No abandoned turrets on Wild
5. Taming Cages Must be opened for public use. - Or it's will be destroyed
6. At the main base keeping the non-resource type of loot in dinos is forbidden.
7. No trash talking/spam or abusing others. Mother abuse jokes or racism will not be going to be tolerated = Permanent BAN

Spawn and Base locations:

1. Meshing Is forbidden
2. Rat hole building is forbidden
3. Building in Obelisks and rich rrs areas if forbidden.
4. Before building main a base, validate it with admin or moderation.
5. One base per map
6. Main base spawn cannot go farther than 30 Foundations from the base and parking space Area.
7. In all maps tribe must have the same tribe name
8. Teleporters outside the main base must be in public and no turrets allowed near them.
8.1. One tribe can have a maximum of 3 teleporters outside of the main base.

Before Raid / While Raiding:

1. Attack must be warned to Defender tribe.
1.1. Defender Tribe can use (one-time immunity) if have a strong reason why cannot accept an attack on their base. – In this case Support or moderator must be contacted in discord.
2. While Attacker tribe building fob, Defenders must not interrupt ( Max 15min time must be given for fob preparation)
3. No killing Passive dinos in the Main base unless it’s in the way or is/had been in use while raiding.
4. Defender tribe is not allowed to popcorn the stuff or transfer it out of the server.
4.1. Transfer stuff from another server for defense is allowed.
5. If Defender Tribe says "STOP", "STOP RAID", "WE GIVE UP" (Message must be understandable and at least 2 tribe members must say it or 1 if it is tribe admin or if only one tribe member is online) the raid must stop and Defender Tribe must turn off all turrets and Lets the enemy tribe in the base for looting.
5.1. While Tribe is looting the base of the enemy, PVP is forbidden.
5.2. Winner Tribe can request to open any vault/storage for looting
5.2.1. Looting allowed 10 cryopod's ( 1 dino of each species )
5.2.2. Looting allowed 10 Blueprints
5.2.3. Looting allowed Resources with no limits
5.2.4. Looting allowed 70% of total armory

6. Attacking base in Anti-raid offline timer is forbidden

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