(CG) Primal Fear-Valguero-15x-Shop&Kits

Server Information
Hostname (CG) Primal Fear- Valguero -15x-Shop&Kits - (v358.11)
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 2 / 70
Location Australia
Version 358.11
Platform Windows
Map Valguero_P
Registered by castaway
Registered since August 11th, 2021 02:39 AM EST
Last update July 12th, 2023 10:40 PM EST
Last wipe July 1st, 2023 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvE Third Person Valguero Vote Rewards

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About This Server

Basic info

-The servers are PVE Servers.

-In-Game Shop with a Buy/Sell Feature.

-anti greifing protection, offline player death protection.

-Corpse recovery via Awesome Teleporters.

-Server Chat is linked between the maps on the cluster.

-Dino wipes every 6 hours 10:10 and 4:10 am/pm AEST

-Trivia with Shop Diamonds, Dinos & Resource Rewards.

-Structures take no damage build nice things and they will be safe.

-Diamonds ( In Game Currency ) - Can be earned passively, Killing Bosses, Selling in Shop

-Lag free auto unlocking engrams with no screen spam.
(can disable/enable via chat command (/ae) and mind mindwipe b4 server transfers to avoid the buffer overflow)

-Wipes are every 4 months, Next Maps & Mods are decided by the community via discord polls.
(see the discord info channels for next wipe date)

Player settings
-Xp Gain = 10x.
-Harvest rates = 15x.
-Max player lvl = 370.
-Can learn all Engrams(auto).
-Boosted stats per level for players.
-No fall damage for players or dinos.
-Lowered player food and water drain.

Dino settings
-Wild dino level 600
-Egg Hatch Speed = 40x.
-Tamed Dino levels after tame = 250 lvls.
-Mating Cooldown = 0.06 (Breed Tames Faster).
-Dino Maturation (baby growth) = 20x (soul terminal = 30x).
-Wild Dino food drain = 4x (wild dinos will eat taming food faster).
-Taming speed = 7x ( requires extra kibble due to food drain increase )
-Imprint speed matched to growth rates (S+ nanny & Soul Terminal both imprint )

Structure settings
-Crop growth speed increased.
-S+ Foundation support increased.
-Base resistance = 0 (Can not be damaged).
-Platform build radius and structure limit increased.
-Decay is 14 days (can be increased upon request if you are planning time away).
-Soul Terminal Automation for Dino Eggs, Fertiliser production+send to plots, and more.

2 Online Players

dinomice6468, CombatWombatx88

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