TheBrawlyBeaters: Play as Dino! [GER/EN]

TheBrawlyBeaters: Play as Dino! [GER/EN]
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Hostname TheBrawlyBeaters: Play as Dino! [GER/EN] LESS MODS PHASE - (v34
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Players 0 / 30
Location Germany
Version Unknown Version
Platform Linux
Map TheIsland
Registered by TheBrawlyBeaters
Registered since September 22nd, 2021 07:26 PM EST
Last update January 11th, 2022 04:06 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Crosshair Modded PvP Roleplay The Island

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About This Server

It is recommended to join the Discord to stay up to date in the #ark-survival-evolved channel! There is also the Google Docs file with the Dino Stats pinned. As human you can press the F1 key while game to read the most important server information everytime and everywhere!
But now to the changed stats of Dinosaurs, which apply on the server:

What do these stats do? ARK is in itself a game that is not designed for dinosaur survival, as many creatures are much stronger or weaker. To compensate for this, many damage multipliers and resistance multipliers have been applied, resulting in absurd damage numbers, but which should improve your gameplay! This file is linked in the Discord or underneath as button: *PaD-Docs file*.

But now to the mod. You have to spawn partially as Gigantopithecus and then open your menu with *ESC*. There you press *Change Dino* and select *all*. Now you have a huge choice of creatures thanks to the adjusted stats. This also means that you have to understand your creature to the last detail, so you can understand why it is customized the way it is. Feel free to post any criticism in Discord! The Play as Dino mod offers features like nests or building a home, which strengthens you against other players/creatures. In addition, you can mate and form a pack or herd! The sea world is also playable and does far more damage than the rest for the fun you need!

What does it mean to spawn at level 61?
You need to pay attention to your starting stats! As an example: You can have a T.Rex at the beginning with 1100HP or also 4400HP! In the end its luck and you have to re-select and re-spawn your creature so many times until you are satisfied with your starting stats! In the end every level counts more due to good base stats! In the end a factor, which provides endless luck fun!
your goals depend on you:
Do you want to build up a herd? Play with friends? Roll the strongest dinosaur together? Or go all out and do well in one of the tournaments announced by TheBrawlyBeaters from time to time! Choose a creature and survive/rule the world!

What about humans?
Humans are playable and also come with relatively good stats. Since many creatures are so much stronger than in Vanilla, you cant tame some creatures as a human, which can also be looked up in the Google Docs file, but the most important creatures exist and you have the possibility to make life difficult for the dinosaur players. The proof of the pudding is in the eating! The prevented Dinosaurs cant be bred either! As a human, you should always craft the StarterKit, which costs 12 stones. In addition, building an offline guard system, which becomes active after 20 minutes, is half the battle. So don't forget to build it if your base is important to you!

I die at spawn?!
In this case, your creature (e.g. Tek Stryder) has died before and is virtually extinguished. With such creatures you have to make a backup before you die so that you don't lose it.If you die directly after choosing a creature, you have either chosen a server lag or your creature has to spawn as a baby! To do this, tick the box *Baby*! (Ex.: Haino, Kutsu-Ya-Ku, ...)

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