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Server Information
Hostname Goldstrike-OfflineRaidProtection-Valguero - (v358.7)
Status Checked 1 hour ago / Online 25 days ago
Players 0 / 70
Location Germany
Version 358.7
Platform Windows
Map Valguero_P
Registered by GoldStrikeGaming
Registered since October 25th, 2021 07:11 AM EST
Last update July 3rd, 2022 04:38 AM EST
Tag(s) PvP Third Person Vote Rewards

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About This Server

Offline Raid Protection
Offline Raid Protection (also known as ORP) is a PVP gamemode that is designed to protect your progression when you are offline.
The ORP system starts as soon as your tribe goes Offline.
There will be a 15 minute counter for your base and dino’s to go into ORP.
When the 15 minute timer reaches 0 your tribe belongings will be Offline Raid Protected.
Structures and dino’s cannot be harmed/killed when they are in ORP.

About the Cluster:
The main goal of this Cluster is to run based on Official Offline Raid Protection settings.
Some of these settings are changed, some features are added.
More regarding these changes and additional features you can find below:
– Long-term cluster with no wipes
– Full Cluster (means all maps are available)
– 1 extra Map rotator (for explorer note gathering)
– 3x Exp, Harvesting, Taming, Breeding
– Weekend rates 4x Exp, Harvesting, Taming, Breeding
– Tribe imprinting (tribe members can do your imprints)
– No mindwipe cooldown
– No Upload timer
– Stack size changes on some resources
– CrossArk Cluster chat
– Seasonal events with special prices
– Giveaways
– Continual Improvement

Official CoC rules apply on this cluster with a few extra rules:

General Rules:
A1. Using cheats such as aimbot or ESP will result in an instant perma ban from the server aswell as ban on sight on future accounts.
A2. No racism, homophobic or Sexist talk in global chat;
A3. Trashtalking is ok, but don't go to far. If an admin asks to stop then calm down. Try to keep it nice in Global chat;
A4. Forbidden character names: 123 / Blanco name / Human / Humano / Mens / Mensch or any other translations of Human. Accidentally made your char with this name? Submit a ticket with for a name change. If you don't request a name change the admin will random your charname for you.
A5. We don't recommend having the same in game name as another person. As you both can get punishments if one disobeyes a rule. If someone has the same name as you without you wanting this, let us know through a ticket;
A6. Leaving tames to soak people's base as soon as they log in is not allowed. Usage of a dodo or compy to check if someones comes online is ok;
A7. Insiding is not allowed, if solid proof is given, the insider will be suitably punished;
A8. Do not use alt tribes to ORP block base locations or spam around your base;

Building Rules:
B1.Do not build/block off Wyvern Scars;
B2. Do not build/block off Rock drake nests;
B3. Do not build/block off Obelisks or terminals;
B4. Do not build/block off the honey cave on Crystal Isles;
B5. Do not build/block off the main passages on Gen2 (air vents are allowed to build in);
B5. Do not build/block off the realm passage gates on Fjordur;
B6. Floating bases/structures are not allowed and will be removed on sight;
B7. Building in ratholes is allowed only IF your character fits through the entrance crouch or walking. Ratholes that requires tames, ziplines or any other mechanic to get into are not allowed.

More information about the rules and howto join the cluster can be found in our discord.


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