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Hostname Arkboys4life - (v349.22)
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America
Version 349.22
Platform Windows
Map Valguero_P
Registered by ArkImmortal
Registered since June 16th, 2022 04:47 AM EST
Last update June 20th, 2022 02:51 PM EST
Tag(s) Community First Person Modded PvP Third Person Valguero Vote Rewards

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About This Server

We are just now going live with our first released map of the cluster Fjordur, we will continue to release maps weekly based on the community vote for which map they want next which will be released next week. [We will not release the GEN2 map until it is the last map for the cluster as it makes progression much faster.] ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STEAM

Why Ark Immortal?
- Our server never wipes so all of your hard work is safe FOREVER.
- Balanced PVP
- TONS of quality of life mods to make your life much easier on Ark.
- ORP [Offline Raid Protection] When your tribe is offline your structures and dinos (if on passive) will take 0 damage beginning the moment you log off the server also your turrets can not be soaked so no worries about getting ambushed when you log in!
- Transferable Element, Artifacts, and Tributes.
- Active admins who do not play on the cluster but are very active within the community to make sure all rules are being followed.
- Water | Food | Stamina Drain: 0.5X
- Weight per level 10x (100 weight per point)
- A new community so now is your chance to get your headstart!

Server Rates:
- Experience: 5X
- Taming | Breeding: 10X
- Harvesting : 6X [Element 2X]
- Mating | Egg Laying: 2X [2x faster than normal]
- Egg Hatching | Mating Speed: 10X
- Baby Mature Speed: 10X
- Gen 1 & Gen 2 Hexagon Multiplier: 5X
- Weight Per Level: 10X [100 Weight Per Point]
- Stamina Per Level: 2X
- Fortitude Per Level: 5X
- Water | Food | Stamina Drain: 0.5X

Server MODS | Plugins
-  Structures Plus (S+) [OP Engrams Disabled]
-  Bitou2k's Binocular  [Shows dino stat points, pref. food, and more]
- MAGA ORP [100% base protection while the tribe is logged off, turrets can not be soaked and have infinite ammo]
- NPP [ New Player Protection given to all new players for 7 days, can be opted out of by typing !npp disable in chat]
- HG Pickup Gun [Pick up all structures that have not taken damage]
- HG Neuter Gun [Neuter your dinos with 2 simple clicks]
- Items+ [Allows transfer of element, tributes, and artifacts across cluster]
- TCs Auto Reward Vault [Earn ARc points for your time playing Ark Immortal to spend in the reward vault.] Every player gains 10 points for joining and an additional 1 point every 10 minutes they are logged into the cluster.
- Solo Farm [Farming dinos can be enabled by typing /farm in chat to make them automatically attack until they are 75% encumbered or black-boxed whichever occurs first.]