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ID #74308
Registered by Kak
Registered on January 5th, 2017 03:35 PM EST
Deleted on May 14th, 2017 05:30 PM EST

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Mod Mismatch due to death recovery mod update. Also can't seem to join discord via the page link.
Currently trying to connect with multiple 'mismatch mod' errors but will continue trying.
I was wondering if the combat text is enabled on the server?
yeah its a'ight i guess
I am unable to connect to the server today , i either get attempting to join and then disappears and i am again in a main screen or i get "Unable to query server info for invite"... i tried for half an hour by launching game and clicking on this website join ( or through Steam server menu), also tried through steam server... i keep getting those error. I tried to join in game to another unofficial server and it works. i been playing for few days on this server, although it took me long time to connected ( had to restart game many times before i was able to connect) because i was keep getting attempting to join and then nothing....... is there anyway i can find you server through in game server search ?
i been trying to search for Poop Economy but there is nothing.

i also have verified game files through steam, my game is not broken and my PC definitely can run it... my game version is 255.11

thank you for your help!

i have found a server in "My survivor " list. it works.
sorry still new in this game
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you said Players can say you're inactive and have your dinos after a day of being offline I was that inative player I did this because you said you was going on a different server because it had better ping. You didn't message me back that you where coming on the server again. I even messaged your friend and she didn't reply either but suddenly you sent me a message over steam saying you where coming on the server to duplicate some blueprint for the server you was playing on but when you got on you flip at me because I gave our dinos to a former member of our tribe but you pissed and kicked me out the tribe and went off the server. Then you came in the discord with your newest manipulative, lieing pot head friend looking for to start trouble on the server.
I suggest you grow up pasta
Great server so far. Only think i need to add is can kak contact me on the discord please! i have an idea ;)
Team Mod Plus have updated the Scorched Earth Plus mod last night to resolve lag issues... hoping this will make a return to the server soon?
Server is down
Good server, not too many mods and farming doesn't feel like a chore. Admins are quick to respond, though over the past few days the server has gone down quite alot which has lead to several deaths and lost tames and i'm kinda iffy about going adventuring. I hope they manage to pinpoint the problem. Thanks! :)
I would like to join your server, my gamertag is JohnnyTaco112.
what do I have to do to join? search for a server number in the menu? add your gamertag? subscribe to something?

Hey John just have ark open and press the connect button on top here! :) that should work for you
I've just restarted the server, so you may not of seen it at that point. Its definitely there!, I'm currently trying to assess the issue with the connection problems. I think I know what might be causing it, but going to give it a restart first.
hey guy i would like to join your server but i cant seem to find it nor on the game nor on Steam/Server list ? am i doing something wrong ? I tried to look for
Poop Economy [PVE] there is no such server with such name.
could someone explain i could join ?

thank you for all your help :)
Am i the only one not being able to log in to the server atm? i can see some are online but the number only goes down and i dont see players getting in?

I cant get in either i get into loading screen then it loads and when it reaches supply drop it loads it and then it goes back to the menu and says "Host connection timeout, Lost connection to host" i can get into every other server i have tried just not this one :'(
Enjoying this server and the new monstors, good idea giving element in drops, one problem tho, not seen admin online much so i am asking here, what has happened to the wyvern eggs on lava island, i cant find any, the nests are always empty and i have been checking hourly over the last few days, i like the wyverns, but getting a good one is impossible just now, and it is such fun stealing the eggs, please fix this.

Hi Nosscar, Nothing has changed when it comes to the eggs, Either someone is beating you to it! or you need to widen your searches =P They dont just spawn at lava island. Try the half burnt one or the edges of the beaches opposite lava island
Tek issue has been solved.

*Red Beacons now 100% drop Element around 5-20.
*Red Beacons also drop Tek Blueprints or the Actual items themselves.

To unlock all the engrams you can now learn the engram itself, but it will require you to craft it.

Bit of a grind! But from farming Red beacons and Bosses it should be easy!. Cant all be easy
There hasnt been any actual mod release, and im currently been away for the weekend so will probably look when im back this evening :)

Sounds good :D
i was thinking that maybe it was possible to spawn the bosses on the map on the different difficulties so we could all get the engrams for making the tek gear but im not sure how it works with spawning them :D

Carlos whenever you can try and contact me on Steam
When will you look into the tek thing we are a lot of people on the server waiting for that to happen
I have been on this server for a couple of weeks and the only thing I would like to see is a longer warning say... 30mins 20mins then 10 mins count down to the server restarting/updating.

The rest of the server is good with good mods and very friendly community.

well done to the server admin for keeping a good server running
Server is down :(
Is there a way to make it possible to get all the tek tier engrams on this server cause atm on the center it is not possible to change the difficulty of the bosses which mean we can only get the replicator, boots and gauntlets which is pretty sad
i hope there is a work around of this
Kindest regards Carlos :D
Ps. very good server

Hey Carlos, I will be looking into that dont worry :). I actually think there is something out there when I last checked!

Okay cool can you give some kind of a heads up when its done :D
Fun Server :)
What is your opinion on extinction core? cause i think it would add some more difficulty and then the monsters might not seem so op cause atm if you have a monster you can kill everything
i would love to see extinction core!!
anyone share that opinion? :D

Extinction core looks coool :D

Extinction core looks awesome gives some hard challenge for more late game
Okay will add in the Platform plus mod on next restart :)
Just a quick one, would you be able to add the platforms plus mod please. just for more variety for making awesome looking buildings. thanks

├Łeah that would be awesome
Dont worry! There are a few mods i am going to add in at some point today! :)

Nice what mods are this?
I really hope the omnicular is one of them :D

Yeap its in!
there is one mod i feel that is really needed on this server and that is the omnicular v1.41 spyglass mod it is really needed with all these new dinos and stuff :D
hey, pls could u add more levels? also some more cool building things. thanks alot
-cant waite to see the future
Servers back up! Sorry for the inconvenience
Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Hopefully sorted it as im at work at the moment.. server is back up and any problems comment! :)
There is a mod version mismatch so no one can join the server atm.
is it possible to make some kind of auto updater for the mods on the server?
just wanted to let you know in case you didnt notice already the mod that needs updating is the indominus rex one :D

There are two outdated mods, indominus rex and something else, dont remember which one. :(

hope they fix it soon wanted to play all day :D

same here