[DE-PVP/PVE] Critikill-TheCenter All x25

[DE-PVP/PVE] Critikill-TheCenter All x25


Hostname [DE-PVP/PVE] Critikill-TheCenter All x25 - (v254.96)
Status Online Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 69 / 110
Location Germany Germany
Version 254.96
Platform Windows
Map TheCenter
Website https://www.facebook.com/groups/Critikill/
Registered by Vic
Registered since February 14th, 2017 02:08 PM EST
Last update February 24th, 2017 05:23 PM EST
Last wipe February 23rd, 2017 01:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Community First Person Modded PvP Third Person

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Uptime 99%
Vote(s) 7
Rank 296
Score 13
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Comment(s) 3

69 Online Players

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Characters and Dinos

1.Max. 10 players per tribe.
2.Downloading survivors and dinos has been disabled.
3.No turrets on plattformsaddles possible.

Base and structures
1.Only one base allowed per tribe, however you are allowed to have a small outpost (10x10 foundations), a harbor and a treehouse.
2.Building in caves, blocking and controlling (with ORP-pillar) of entrances of any kind of caves is strictly forbidden.
3.The reservation of buildingsites with any kind of structure is forbidden.
4.Your are not allowed to build near puddles and lakes
5.Taming-pens are to be demolished immediatly after the tame is finished.
6.Long pipes are ugly, please use the "bore water intake kit"-Mod.
7.When moving your base to a different location, destroy everything of your old base.

1.Paint your base according to your playstyle. (PVE:green structures / PVP:red structures)
2.PVE-players can and should be used as tradingpartners. Treat them the right way!
3.A PVE-tribe loses it's protection as soon as it starts raiding or actively participates in a raid.
4.Open PVP is allowed, no matter where or when. PVE-tribes are not immune to open-PVP.
Keep in mind that PVE-players are a reliable source of any kind of resource and dino, so don't bully them to much! Open-PVP is not limited by any rules.
5.Players are to be detained for one hour max. After one hour, detained players are to be killed or released.
6.Raiding PVE-bases is absolutely forbidden!(Might be punished by ban.)
7.A raid starts after the first structure has been destroyed. Keep fairplay in mind: don't destroy more than necessary.
Don't kill passive farm-animals such as Ankylo, Doedicurus, Achatina, Mammoth etc.
A raided tribe is allowed to apply for raidprotection.
The admins will decide if and how long raidprotection occurs, in accordance to how much damage has been done to their base.
8. Any player new to the server can apply for 5 days of raidprotection, talk to admins about your application.

In general
Building near lakes, caves, beacons or resourceveins is forbidden.
It also is forbidden to drop or lure wild dinos into another players or tribes base.
Do not spawncamp, unless you actively participate in a raid. Spawncamping is the act of killing other players over and over again as soon as they spawn.
Keep the chat friendly! Rassism, sexism, obszene names or avatars are unacceptable and will result in an immediate ban.

If necessary the admins will change rules. In addition, the administration has the right to decide without complying to the rules in specific hardline-cases.
This is to ensure the best possible experience for each and every one of you.

1 S+
2 Ark Advance
3 Egg and Poop Collector
5 BoreWaterKit
6 ORP2
7 ServerInfo UI
8 HG StackingMod (-50%)