Small Tribes Servers, Upcoming Structure Changes, & More!

Posted on June 4th, 2018 08:31 PM EST
Upcoming Structure Changes!
Later this week we plan to roll out an update that will make some changes to our current structure decay rules. In essence, we are redefining what we consider a viable minimum base or set of structures. Structures which do not meet this definition will rapidly decay resulting in the ability to either destroy them by hand or have the server automatically destroy the structures when they are loaded/leave stasis.  Our intent behind this change is to address structure spamming issues (pillar/foundation spam) which often takes place when players attempt to claim or grief different areas of the map in both PVE and PVP. We anticipate that this particular update will be iterative and there most likely will be additional adjustments in the coming weeks as we work to resolve this issue.

Code of Conduct Updates!

Following our previous Crunch, the Enforcement Team are back again with another important notice regarding the Code of Conduct. We'd like to make Official Players aware of the following revision:

Hacking and Exploiting


Exploiting - examples are not limited to but can include:
  • Attacking from, travelling through, or building in unintended game-zones (under the mesh or above the map)
  • Duplication of tames, items, or characters
  • Unintended building mechanics (such as floating structures, using the world barrier as a snap point)
  • Building a box on a platform saddled dino to completely prevent it from taking damage
  • Modifying your game files to remove key graphical components (water, fog, etc)
  • Attacking or blocking players through the terrain with dinosaurs
  • Intentionally crashing users or servers (through DDoS or otherwise)
  • Placing excessive quantities of C4 to prevent hostile C4 from being placed
  • Stacking multiple creatures inside each other's models via raising babies close together, teleporting them near each other, downloading them, etc (ex: multiple brontos in a 1x1 foundation area)
Please remember that these rules are constantly undergoing change, and they are never exhaustive. In addition to the above change, it's recommended you check out the entire code here.[]

Small Tribe Servers Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be releasing our first set of speciality servers on all platforms. These servers will be Small Tribes servers which limit the tribe size to 6 players maximum and alliances are not allowed. Server rates will be 3x (harvest, taming, experience) and will not be affected by Evolution Events. They will also have 2x maturation, 2x egg hatching, 2x gestation and 50% reduced mating interval. These servers will undergo a trial period of 60 days. If after the 60 days they remain active, we will continue to keep the servers active. If after the 60 days the player population is very low, we will try a new game mode type and online new servers for another 60 days.

If you have other game mode ideas for Speciality servers that you think would be fun to play be sure to leave a comment in our suggestion collection thread.[]

Mod Community News!

Zen here, with your dose of mod news!

Word is that Eco is working on a new decor mod! She's shown us a preview of her Primordial Structures decor which you can see below. The mod is still a work in progress, so I can't say when it will be available, but we'll be including this in her already impressive lineup of sponsored decor mods.

Last week we concluded the submission period for the fifth mod tutorial contest. I will be announcing the winner for that next week. In the meantime, we got some pretty exciting submissions. The quality of these tutorials have increased considerably due to the increased time to work on them, and for that, I want to thank everyone who participates in the tutorial contest.

I received tutorials for ballistic missiles that have an impact on the environment, remote-controlled spy drones, a dynamic creature skin, and a mapping tutorial on cave creation[] (Something that a lot of people have struggled with).

Links to all of these tutorials are available in the contest thread.[]

This month the theme for the mod tutorial contest is "Beach and Ocean Fun" and the submission period is currently open until June 30th. Tutorials for this contest could easily range from map level content to maybe some fun mini-games for the summer. We'll have to see what the mod community thinks up! 😉

The Great Migration #3: ETA June 12th!

Just a reminder that there is a week left for the next stage of our Legacy migration.

Here is a quick breakdown of how this process works:

Taking Down Low Pop Servers
With calculations based on sustained player-count as well as the popularity of game mode, we will be removing lower population legacy servers, most of which retain a 0-1 player concurrent population. These servers will be taken offline on June 12th. Any existing server that is not considered a low pop server and is not taken down at this time will still exist on the Legacy network.

Legacy servers will continue to remain on a separate cluster from the new cluster, which means you will not be able to transfer anything between Legacy servers and the new servers.

Servers Up for Deprecation
Below is a complete list of the LEGACY servers that will be deprecated come June 12th. You have from now until then to move your belongings onto a server not present on this list. Please click one of the links below.

Legacy PC Deprecation List[]

Most Popular Servers
To avoid players having to move again in future, we're publishing the most popular servers across all platforms. These servers are the top 30 most active Legacy servers on each platform and are ones most likely to be safe from any future server removals.



The countdown to our special event begins! Survivors can look forward to some epic discoveries with new content and challenges, and we'll have even more exciting news coming in the middle of the month, so stay tuned! ;) Be sure to check the countdown on

Community Livestream #3 This Thursday!

A reminder for our stream this Thursday, we are accepting bases for our Base Tour! If you want to show off your base send some screenshots to the email below and include your server name/number. Unofficial server bases are also accepted as long as your server admin will allow us to come tour on your server. All platforms are welcome to participate. We look forward to seeing all of your base designs!
We are accepting any type of ARK related fanart to be featured in the showcase section of the stream and entries are always open. This can be drawings, videos, builds, ANSEL screenshots, handmade crafts, anything ARK related!

You can submit your ARKwork to our streaming email address: [email protected]

Be sure to follow us on our Twitch page so you don't miss a stream!

We'll be hosting our next Community Live Stream on Thursday, June the 7th! We hope to see you there :)

ARK: Evolution Event

Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from the Friday the 8th of June at 1 PM EST until Monday the 11th of June at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

2x Harvesting Rates
2x Taming Rates
2x EXP Rates

That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share please get in touch and be sure to follow us on:

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