ARK Stream & Homestead Update Tomorrow!

Posted on March 4th, 2019 11:37 PM EST
It's finally arrived! We're beyond thrilled to be releasing Structure Plus (S+) and the long-awaited kibble rework (now packaged together as 'Homestead') to all of our survivors March 5th 2019!

If you can dream it, you can build it! Homestead includes the major elements of Structures Plus (S+), a player created Sponsored Mod by Orionsun. S+ has maintained a large following of users over an extended period of time, and its move to console has long been requested. We are particularly excited to finally be able to share this with our console survivors who will be using it for the very first time.

Here are the new building features included in Homestead:

- Dedicated bulk storage
- Triangle foundations, ceilings and roof pieces
- Four high walls
- Fence supports for level walls
- Flexible pipes and electrical cables
- Double doors
- Swappable variants for ramps/stairs
- New visual variants for existing structures

Along-side the update to structures we also have our kibble rework included in this patch! Previously the Kibble system worked like a tree, the egg of one creature being used in a kibble to tame the next creature in line. Often these kibbles didn’t make sense in terms of game progression and became more redundant with each new creature that was added to the game. Each creature now falls into one of six categories, and that creature’s egg can be used to tame any creature within that specific category. Instead of having 50+ different kibbles all requiring a different specific egg, it is drastically reduced to: Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary kibbles!

You can expect the Homestead update to hit your respective platform around 10am PST tomorrow starting with PC and concluding with PS4. We invite you to watch our Homestead trailer to see a preview of the variety of structures that are now possible. All of the builds featured in the trailer are player-created and you can find links to how to build the structures in the video description. It has been an amazing experience for us to see our dedicated players create things we could have never imagined! 

We hope these changes to ARK inspire survivors to turn their wooden shack on the beach into the fortress of their dreams!

Homestead patch notes:

Variant System
- Added Structure variant system to cycle visuals for a structure

Structure Pickup
- Enabled pickup of the following structures:
            - Elevator Platforms
            - Elevator Tracks
            - Electric Generator
            - Grill
            - Industrial Forge
            - Industrial Grinder
            - Chem Bench
            - Fabricator
            - Tek Generator
            - Tek Replicator
            - Tek Transmitter
- Disabled pickup of Bee Hives
- Added ServerSettings ini config option StructurePickupHoldDuration to allow unofficials to configure (or disable by setting to 0) the quick-pickup hold duration
- Changed default for quick-pickup to 0.5 seconds (from 1 second)

Structure Additions
- Added 'Smooth' sidewall variants (like the stone foundation) to the stock square foundations [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Thatch, Wood]
- Triangle foundations [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]
- Triangle ceilings [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood, Greenhouse]
- Triangle roofs [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood, Greenhouse]
- Large (4x height) walls [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]
- Flexible pipes [Stone, Metal]
- Flexible electrical cables
- Stairs (with freely swappable ramp variant) [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]
- Double door frames [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]
- Double doors [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]
- Tek Dedicated storage (Tek structure that allows storing a large amount of a single resource)
- Fence supports (allows you to build fences that are level along the top) [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]

Kibble Rework

- Categorized Kibble
- Creatures prefer their category of Kibble or above
- Produced
            - Allosaurus - Superior
            - Ankylosaurus - Regular
            - Archaeopteryx - Simple
            - Argentavis - Superior
            - Baryonyx - Regular
            - Basilisk - Exceptional
            - Brontosaurus - Exceptional
            - Carbonemys - Regular
            - Carnotaur - Regular
            - Compy - Simple
            - Dilophosaur - Basic
            - Dimetrodon - Regular
            - Dimorphodon - Simple
            - Diplodocus - Regular
            - Dodo - Basic
            - Featherlight - Basic
            - Gallimimus - Simple
            - Giganotosaurus - Exceptional
            - Hesperornis - Extraordinary
            - Ichthyornis - Simple
            - Iguanodon - Simple
            - Kairuku - Basic
            - Kaprosuchus - Regular
            - Kentrosaurus - Regular
            - Lystrosaurus - Basic
            - Mantis - Superior
            - Megalania - Superior
            - Megalosaurus - Superior
            - Micro Raptor - Simple
            - Morellatops - Simple
            - Moschops - Superior
            - Oviraptor - Simple
            - Snow Owl - Superior
            - Pachycephalosaurus - Simple
            - Pachyrhinosaurus - Regular
            - Parasaur - Basic
            - Pegomastax - Simple
            - Pelagornis - Regular
            - Pteranodon - Simple
            - Pulmonoscorpius - Regular
            - Quetzalcoatlus - Exceptional
            - Raptor - Simple
            - Rex - Exceptional
            - Rock Drake - Extraordinary
            - Sarcosuchus - Regular
            - Spinosaur - Superior
            - Stegosaurus - Regular
            - Tapejera - Superior
            - Terror Bird - Regular
            - Therizinosaurus - Exceptional
            - Thorny Dragon - Regular
            - Titanboa - Superior
            - Triceratops - Simple
            - Troodon - Regular
            - Velonasaur - Regular
            - Vulture - Basic
            - Wyvern - Extraordinary
            - Yutyrannus - Exceptional

- Preferred
            - Allosaurus - Superior
            - Angler Fish - Regular
            - Ankylosaurus - Regular
            - Araneo - Simple
            - Archaeopteryx - Simple
            - Argentavis - Superior
            - Baryonyx - Regular
            - Basilosaurus - Exceptional
            - Beelzebufo - Regular
            - Brontosaurus - Exceptional
            - Carbonemys - Regular
            - Carnotaur - Regular
            - Castoroides - Superior
            - Daeodon - Superior
            - Dilophosaur - Basic
            - Dimetrodon - Regular
            - Dimorphodon - Simple
            - Diplocaulus - Simple
            - Diplodocus - Regular
            - Direbear - Superior
            - Direwolf - Superior
            - Dodo - Basic
            - Doedicurus - Regular
            - Dunkleosteus - Superior
            - Gallimimus - Simple
            - Gasbags - Superior
            - Giant Bee - Simple
            - Gigantopithecus - Regular
            - Giganotosaurus - Exceptional
            - Griffin - Extraordinary
            - Ichthyornis - Simple
            - Ichthyosaurus - Simple
            - Iguanodon - Simple
            - Kairuku - Basic
            - Kaprosuchus - Regular
            - Karkinos - Exceptional
            - Kentrosaurus - Regular
            - Lymantria - Regular
            - Mammoth - Superior
            - Managarmr - Exceptional
            - Megalania - Extraordinary
            - Megaloceros - Simple
            - Megalodon - Superior
            - Megalosaurus - Superior
            - Megatherium - Superior
            - Mesopithicus - Basic
            - Morellatops - Simple
            - Mosasaurus - Exceptional
            - Onyc - Simple
            - Snow Owl - Superior
            - Pachycephalosaurus - Simple
            - Paraceratherium - Superior
            - Parasaur - Basic
            - Pegomastax - Simple
            - Pelagornis - Regular
            - Phiomia - Basic
            - Plesiosaurus - Superior
            - Pteranodon - Regular
            - Pulmonoscorpius - Regular
            - Purlovia - Regular
            - Quetzalcoatlus - Exceptional
            - Raptor - Simple
            - Reaper - Exceptional
            - Rex - Exceptional
            - Rock Elemental - Extraordinary
            - Sabertooth - Regular
            - Sarcosuchus - Regular
            - Spinosaur - Exceptional
            - Stegosaurus - Regular
            - Tapejera - Superior
            - Terror Bird - Regular
            - Therizinosaurus - Exceptional
            - Thorny Dragon - Regular
            - Thylacoleo - Extraordinary
            - Triceratops - Simple
            - Velonasaur - Regular
            - Woolly Rhino - Superior
            - Yutyrannus - Extraordinary

- Fixed exploit related to water well
- Fixed exploit related to Titan downloads
- Fixed exploit related to Tek Swords
- Fixed exploit related to Velonasaurs
- Fixed exploit related to Platform Saddles
- Fixed exploit related to Rafts on The Center

- Fixed crash related to shoulder pets
- Fixed crash related to Taxidermy

- Fixed issue with Managarmr breath causing flyers to teleport
- Fixed Managarmr's forward dash not triggering consistently when spamming it
- When Managarmr freezes a dino with a rider, the rider will no longer be dismounted but rather frozen for 1 second
- Character frozen visual effect should change more smoothly
- A player frozen either standing, crouching, or prone can no longer change that state
- Duration of frozen for player characters is now a function of health and armor rating
- Duration of frozen for player characters is significantly reduced overall
- Fixed Managarmr space launch bug
- Managarmr ice breath is no longer stopped by Dino Leash
- Speculative fix for the Managarmr breath client crash
- Whistle Stop and Whistle Follow will interrupt the current ability
- Ice breath freeze amount is now more significantly reduced by distance
- Clamped forward dash movement to horizontal plane
- Cheat spawning a dino should no longer cause you to get stuck on that dino - if it dies while being frozen by Managarmar Ice breath
- Reduced Managarmr ice breath damage ~25%
- Added new freeze immune icon

- Disable following after releasing from Cryopod
- Now show gender in the tooltip
- Tribe log displays the name of the Cryopod owner who's Cryopod broke
- Fix for dino owner not transferring when stealing a Cryopod with a dino in it

- Fixed buildable space outside of bounds
- Fixed multiple holes and meshing locations
- Moved Desert Titan player spawn point to an area inside the structure prevention zone
- Removed the Ruins of Nosti gate
- Fixed climbable trees in Extinction
- Reduced shadow cost of some meshes

- Defenders are harvestable for light robotic materials

- Base affinity increased by 30% now that it has a preferred kibble

Ice Wyverns
- Fixed creature icon being blank

Bear Traps
- Bear traps are now placeable again!

Tek Dinos
- Now drop electronics/metal as intended

Item Stacks
- Fixed ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity issue with RawPrimeMeat

- Reduced Mosasaurus speed per level up by 50%

- Reduced Manta speed per level up by 75%

- Set gasbags to mature at the rate of Wooly Rhinos due to similar utility capabilities

- Increased damage required to enrage a giga by 55%

- Fixed players getting stuck when walking off foundations in single player

Desert Titan
- Reduced tamed Desert Titan total hp by 33%

Corrupted Heart
- Fixed item to use correct icon

Mind Wipe
- Characters can be respeced once every 24 hours

- Improved search filtering on inventory and crafting menus

- Set Primitive Elevator Platforms and Tracks to be craftable by wood instead of requiring fungal wood

ARK Developer Stream Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific Time (March 5th), members of the ARK development team will be hosting a Developer Livestream on our Twitch channel![]

Our Community-focused livestreams went over well with the community so we decided to restructure slightly to bring even more members of our team into the mix! We invite you to join us from our Seattle office as we discuss the latest developments with ARK.

In this stream we will be showcasing and discussing our biggest addition and change to the game: the Structures Plus and Kibble rework.

We'll also be answering questions from you--the community--in a live form Digest. We invite you to leave your ARK or development related questions in the comment section below and we will be selecting an assortment of your questions to answer live on stream.

The developers on-camera this stream will be:

Cedric: Host, Gameplay Programmer
Chris: Lead Programmer & Lead Designer
Colin: Senior Producer
Jen: Community Manager

We look forward to seeing you all on our Twitch channel tomorrow!

Mod Community Updates!

We're bringing in two new projects to the Sponsored Mod Program this month, and don't forget that we have already started another round of applications for the sponsored mod program. You'll be able to submit an application until April 5th. So polish up those design documents and send them in. We love seeing the amazing projects everyone is working on.

First up we have Additional Lighting by ReinerSCT. This mod adds a plethora of new lighting options of different colors, styles, and configurations. Ever wanted to make your own disco room, or set up a complex lighting system for your over-the-top castle? This mod will let you do it!
We're also happy to bring in the Play as Dino mod by Finntastic. Does anybody else ever use the old mantra "Don't just hunt the raptor... Be the raptor"? No? Just me? Either way, with this mod you can! The author has a lot of cool systems being worked on for this mod and we're happy to provide some support for them.

Happy Modding!
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