Community Crunch 360: Community Creature Vote Reveal, ASA Comparison, and More!

Posted on May 5th, 2023 07:00 PM EST

This week we're taking a look at foliage that's been remastered in ARK: Survival Ascended and captured in Unreal Engine 5. Things are really sprucing up, aren't they? Keep an eye out on future Community Crunches because every other week we'll be revealing new assets so you get an artistic impression of what "Remaster" means in ARK Survival Ascended.

And while you are here, why not take a look at the Community Creature vote winner and our newest Sponsored Mods!

Where is the gameplay?
We'll be showcasing gameplay shortly before release.

Is this all you've done?
No, we've done much more, but we're just showing you a glimpse behind the curtain. You'll see more in the weeks ahead and when we launch!

With over VOTES, Fasolasuchus will be the new creature added to Scorched Earth for ARK: Survival Ascended. We are looking forward to sharing its concept and dossier in the weeks to come!

If you are interested in seeing exactly how the voting went, check out the link below to see the results.

Community Creature Vote Results[]

If you are looking to change up the game, why not check out some new mods?

The ARK Sponsored mod program is currently accepting applications until June 6th. Please submit your projects here[].

Grab your friends and gear up for some paintball. The Paintball mod lets you craft your own custom arenas with fast-paced action similar to older FPS arena games. This mod works on PvE as well!

Check out Paintball

TaeniaStella The RenewalAlpha is a pretty unique map that hides a lot of surprises. This map even includes several unique creatures that fit the themes of this deceptively large environment. You'll find a lot of incentive to explore and see the many sights it has to offer, but make sure you go prepared!

Check out TaeniaStella The RenewalAlpha

Nyrandil is a beautiful little map that feels a lot like a fairytale countryside. You will find a strong contrast between environments organized in both an overworld and underground Biomes.

Check out Nyrandil

There will be no EVO event this week.

Fan Art Gallery[] | Screenshot Gallery[] | Artist Feedback Form[]

Creator: Phlinger Phoo
Join Phlinger Phoo as he attempts to get a good start on Svartalfheim and successfully obtains his first tames of this playthrough!

Creator: Asfax
International Corner. Discover French Youtuber Asfax as he braves the dangers and the many challenges of Ark Supreme to tame an Apex Thorny Dragon, his next step into his ascension!

Equus Magnus Unicornis by LeoMitchell

The Ravagers collab by RRRAVEN & PapuArt

Creeping Shadowmane by Datwolf27

Arwenn on a Fishing trip by Umbra-Daiwrfol

Waking up by WolfTek7

Triceratops by Fagua-Art

Rock Drake by dragondrawer5

There is simply no such thing as too many Bulbdogs. by @CHipZz_Gaming

Noglin by @ARKLove9

Quality time with Catbear. by @Katala191

Enjoy your weekend!
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