MW: PvE servers

Welcome to MullinsWOLF's PvE Server - 10xG, 50xAll
Max Level Wild - 1000 ; +300 Lvls Past Tamed Level
Max Player Level - 285
This is by no means an easy server, if you are looking for a survival Challenge you found it.
/kit starter for basic gear and a Ptero with saddle.
Join the discord if you have suggestions or questions. Good luck, Enjoy.

Join Our Discord!

1) No racism or verbal bullying ingame. zero tolerance is in effect for this rule.
2) NO excessive placement of structures, pillars, foundations, etc
3) No hacking or abusing any game bugs and game exploits.
4) No building in caves that include artifacts or loot crates, Dont block obelisks.
5) No placing ANY structure to block any area. No blocking resource spawns with random structures or small bases. No placing structures near an enemy base to cause harassment. No placing any structure for future building or holding any spot even if its temporary. Random buildings found will have ALL TRIBE structures wiped from map on a case by case basis by an admin. So if you have a new person in your tribe, make sure they did NOT build random buildings on the beach or any location.
6) Do not build/block player spawn locations.
7) One base per tribe. This doesnt mean a big tribe has to live in one building, you may have multiple structures just in one general area.
8)No dropping or leading dinos into someones base for the purpose of killing their dinos or destroying their base


You are not buying any in game items, but you are donating the amount.
As a thank you for donating, I will give you the Items you choose.

**Any item or Dino lost due to lag, personal negligence, bugs, etc will not be replaced*
*Wipes can happen at any time. Anything received will also not transfer over after a server wipe.

Thank You for supporting the server!!
Especially if you break ANY of the rules or conditions of the server.

By Donating you agree to these terms and understand that you are donating towards the server and not for the sole purpose of any item's or dino's and you will NEVER dispute the charges.
By selecting any donation amount you agree to ALL our terms, rules and conditions.


I will be constantly adding things into the shop, so if you have a request make sure you hop on discord and post in #shop-ideas

If you would like to make a donation click one of the packages below

1. PLEASE make sure you DONT CLICK the box that says paying for a good or service.
2. Include your INGAME & STEAM name in the notes of the donation!

1000 Points ($10)
2000 Points ($15)
2500 Points ($20)
4000 Points ($30)
8000 Points ($50)
30000 Points ($100)

/points - show current amount of points
/buy - buy the item from shop
/trade - Send points to other player (' ' - are necessary)
/kit - Show all kits
/kit - redeem the kit
/buykit - buy a kit (if kit has price)

Donation Perks

/buy beacons = Mega Loot Red SupplyCrate, Points: 75
/buy tools = ascendant Tools (Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick), Points: 50

Materials (Only buy 1 of these at a time, you have been warned)
/buy poly = 1k Polymer, Points: 50
/buy cement = 1k Cementing Paste, Points: 50
/buy silica = 1k Silica Pearls, Points: 50
/buy bpearls = 200 Black Pearls, Points: 20
/buy gigahearts = 1 Gigantosaurus Heart, Points: 75
/buy treesap = 200x Tree Tap Sap, Points: 25

Consumables (Only buy 1 of these at a time, you have been warned)
/buy mindwipe = MindWipe Tonic, Points: 25
/buy treats = 5x Instant Tame Herbivore & Carnivore Treats, Points: 500
/buy xenokibble = 50x Xeno Kibble, Points: 100
/buy narcotic = 1k Narcotic, Points: 50
/buy sedative = 20x Sedative, Points: 100
/buy detox = 20x Detox, Points: 100
/buy sweetveggiecake = 10x Sweet Vegetable Cakes, Points: 100
/buy biotoxin = 100x Biotoxin, Points: 250

/buy theri = Therizinosaurus, Points: 200
/buy argent = Argentavis, Points: 200
/buy ptero = Pteranodon, Points: 200
/buy quetz = Quetzal, Points: 200
/buy rex = Rex, Points: 200
/buy Frexy = DodoRexy (Fire), Points: 200
/buy Lrexy = DodoRexy (Lightning), Points: 200
/buy Prexy = DodoRexy (Poison), Points: 200
/buy giga = Giganotosaurus, Points: 200
/buy Fwyvern = Fire Wyvern, Points: 200
/buy Lwyvern = Lightning Wyvern, Points: 200
/buy Pwyvern = Poison Wyvern, Points: 200
/buy otter = Otter, Points: 100

Misc Dinos
/buy Potter = Prime Otter, Points: 300
/buy Pdimorph = Prime Dimorphodon, Points: 300
/buy Pboa = Prime Titanboa, Points: 300
/buy Pshinehorn = Prime Shinehorn, Points: 300
/buy Pfeatherlight = Prime Featherlight, Points: 300
/buy phoenix = Phoenix, Points: 500
/buy unicorn = Unicorn, Points: 500
/buy rudolf = Rudolf, Points: 500

Alpha Dinos
/buy Atheri = Alpha Therizino, Points: 800
/buy Aargent = Alpha Argentavis, Points: 800
/buy Aptero = Alpha Pteranodon, Points: 800
/buy Aanky = Alpha Ankylo, Points: 800
/buy Awolf = Alpha Dire Wolf, Points: 800
/buy Abear = Alpha Dire Bear, Points: 800
/buy AFwyvern = Alpha Wyvern (Fire), Points: 800
/buy ALwyvern = Alpha Wyvern (Lightning), Points: 800
/buy APwyvern = Alpha Wyvern (Poison), Points: 800
/buy Aquetz = Alpha Quetzal, Points: 800
/buy Arexy = Alpha DodoRexy, Points: 800
/buy Aspino = Alpha Spino, Points: 800
/buy Arex = Alpha Rex, Points: 800
/buy Adoed = Alpha Doedicurus, Points: 800
/buy Adaeodon = Alpha Daeodon, Points: 800
/buy Ashark = Alpha Megalodon, Points: 800
/buy Ayuty = Alpha Yutyrannus, Points: 800
/buy Athyla = Alpha Thylacoleo, Points: 800
/buy Ahyaenodon = Alpha Hyaenodon, Points: 800
/buy Arockdrake = Alpha Rock Drake, Points: 800
/buy Agriffin = Alpha Griffin, Points: 1000
/buy Atuso = Alpha Tusoteuthis, Points: 1500
/buy Amosa = Alpha Mosasaurus, Points: 1500

/buy Agiga = Alpha Giga, Points: 3000
/buy Areaperking = Alpha reaper King, Points: 5000
/buy broodmother = Broodmother Boss, Points: 3000
/buy dodorex = DodoRex Boss, Points: 3000
/buy dodowyvern = DodoWyvern Boss, Points: 3000
/buy dragon = Dragon Boss, Points: 3000
/buy gorilla = Gorilla Boss, Points: 3000
/buy manticore = Manticore Boss, Points: 3000

/buy therisaddle = Therizinosaurus Saddle, Points: 5
/buy argentsaddle = Argentavis Saddle, Points: 5
/buy pterosaddle = Pteranodon Saddle, Points: 5
/buy quetzsaddle = Quetzal Platform Saddle, Points: 5
/buy rexsaddle = Rex Saddle, Points: 5
/buy rexysaddle = DodoRexy Saddle, Points: 5
/buy gigasaddle = Giganotosaurus Saddle, Points: 5
/buy daeodsaddle = Daeodon Saddle, Points: 5
/buy yutysaddle = Yutyrannus Saddle, Points: 5
/buy hyaenodonsaddle = Hyaenodon Meatpack, Points: 5
/buy megatheriumsaddle = Megatherium Saddle, Points: 5
/buy megalaniasaddle = Megalania Saddle, Points: 5

Alpha Saddles
/buy Atherisaddle = Alpha Therizinosaurus Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Aargentsaddle = Alpha Argentavis Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Apterosaddle = Alpha Pteranodon Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Aquetzsaddle = Alpha Quetzal Platform Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Awyvernsaddle = Alpha Wuvern Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Awolfsaddle = Alpha Dire Wolf, Points: 100
/buy Abearsaddle = Alpha Dire Bear, Points: 100
/buy Aankysaddle = Alpha Ankylo, Points: 100
/buy Aspinosaddle = Alpha Spino, Points: 100
/buy Arexsaddle = Rex Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Arexysaddle = Alpha DodoRexy Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Agigasaddle = Alpha Giganotosaurus Saddle, Points: 100
/buy Adaeodsaddle = Alpha Daeodon Saddle, Points: 100

Boss Saddles
/buy broodmothersaddle = Broodmother Boss Saddle, Points: 1000
/buy dodorexsaddle = DodoRex Boss Saddle, Points: 1000
/buy dodowyvernsaddle = DodoWyvern Boss Saddle, Points: 1000
/buy dragonsaddle = Dragon Boss Saddle, Points: 1000
/buy gorillasaddle = Gorilla Boss Saddle, Points: 1000
/buy manticoresaddle = Manticore Boss Saddle, Points: 1000

Armor (NOT the BP, Prime requires proper engram)
/buy scuba = Primal Scuba Armor Set, Points: 100
/buy flak = Primal Flak Armor Set, Points: 200
/buy riot = Primal Riot Armor Set, Points: 500
/buy tek = Tek Armor Set, Points: 1000
/buy primescuba = Primal Prime (Unbreakable) Scuba Armor Set, Points: 200
/buy primeflak = Primal Prime (Unbreakable) Flak Armor Set, Points: 500
/buy primeriot = Primal Prime (Unbreakable) Riot Armor Set, Points: 800
/buy primetek = Primal Prime (Unbreakable) Tek Armor Set, Points: 1500
/buy AChelmet = Alpha Carnivore Helmet, Points: 400
/buy AHhelmet = Alpha Herbivore Helmet, Points: 400

Players 57 / 305
Registered by MullinsWOLF
Registered since April 6th, 2018 08:21 AM EST
Last update June 20th, 2018 08:10 AM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
MW:Ragnarok Extinction PvE/10xG/30xAll/S+ Cluster
41 / 150 Community Crosshair Modded PvE Third Person
MW:Volcano Extinction PvE/10xG/30xAll/S+ Cluster
16 / 150 Community Crosshair Modded PvE Third Person
MW: The Good Loot PvP/20xG/No taming
0 / 5 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP