Bunn3h's Ark Servers

Bunn3h's Ark Servers

We aim to have fun Player verses Player Ark environment and provide fair admins and events. In our PvPvE server you can expect friendly wars, alliances, and rivals. In the PvP Soloist server you are tossed into an all new challenge; No power in numbers, see how you manage in you versus the world! 

Both Servers have full logs and offers players great protection on grief and harassment, as well as admin controlled events.

Some of the perks:
•Increased rates promotes easier game play
•Longer Day Time
•Active admins (non abusive)
•Events and giveaways
•0.5 Structure Resistance (structures are now slightly harder to damage)
•Giganotosaurus are enabled and limited to 3 per tribe
•Zero mods
•Special Beacon drops unique to our servers
•Disabled Titanosaur
•Donator Perks that don't make the game Pay to win.

Players 0 / 100
Website http://www.bunn3hs-ark.com
Registered by Bunn3h
Registered since August 9th, 2016 03:28 PM EST
Last update January 29th, 2018 07:47 PM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
Bunn3h's Wild West RP (Whitelist, Free DLC, Mods)
0 / 40 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person
Bunn3h's Den PvPvE (3x Rates, Free DLC, 1 Mod)
0 / 50 Community Crosshair First Person Modded PvP Third Person Vanilla
Bunn3h's Test Realm
0 / 10 Community Modded PvP Third Person